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Thank you!

I was about to suggest you ping us over the email, but I guess you already have :D

Glad you liked the game! That was the whole idea with the game, so I am glad it worked for you :)

So, emm, I got the track off humble bundle quite some time ago, there was this gigantic pack of loops, sound effects, etc. Found one track I liked, adjusted the pitch so it sounded a lot more slow paced, and you got the track! No magic there I am afraid. I tried looking for it now, but can't find it :/

Happy to that, Thomas!

I am a bit saddened myself I never got to even make a prototype, so please do in my stead :D

you got it chief ^^

you got it chief

Ah, thank you, I had no idea! 

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Yeppo! Use as you see fit, and tag me if you do, I would love to see the results :)

The tall buildings (bottom left) were indeed inspired by Amsterdam! The barn, and small houses (top right) are inspired by Norwegian architecture. So, you are bang on!

The palette is actually from, with a few changes and additions, but I cannot for the life of me find the original one now :(

Viken ung babyyyy! Going to check it out, looks freaking fantastic!

Thank you!

I removed all those "disturbing" bits on purpose, I wanted a very chill experience. I do agree that some changes to spice things up would work well, to change context for the player every now and then, so that is already planned :D

Stay tuned!

you might not be a jam, but you are definitely a snack. 

Excellent font, I just feel like I have to use it now :D

Hi Alex, we dropped you an email ^^ Ping us back when you got the time please!

thank you for the kind words ^^ will do our best

Oh damn, I’d think they would add backward compatibility with newer android versions.

I would really want to publish it for the newer version, but I just do not have 100 bucks for a construct 3 license or time to port it again I’m afraid :/

but thanks for playing ^^

Glad you liked it! What do you mean by keep up? I do believe the version of the game here and on android is the same.

Welp, almost a year into the game since release you are the first one to find a bug :D

Thank you, I will take a look at it :)

I am really happy I was able to inspire your next project, it looks absolutely lovely! 

Ps: really liked the devlog, I should do something that too ^^


We are spiffing it up, if you will, gotta have the same minimalistic look and play, just in 3D ^^

Well thank you ^^ I am really happy to see people enjoying it

Hi there!

Your comment made my day, thank you :D
 I honestly never considered the possibility of the starting point to be surrounded by the mountains, like in your case, so I already made myself a task to take care of that so that does not happen.

Regarding resources - noted! We also changed how some of the resources "behave" and what they are used for, so hopefully we can balance it out so there is no grinding.

And regarding the last part - you can expect more of those indeed! We aim to make a lot of building to provide new unique actions and changes to the game mechanics, and more chains (e.g. when upgrading or building next to each other). Also, perhaps not in early build, we will be adding "prettify"ing options for some buildings, allowing you to customize how stuff looks but also brings in some bonuses. So.. stay tuned ^^

PS: I really liked the concept of a mushroom farm, so I am stealing that one for the game :D

Instant wishlist on my side! This also begs to be released on switch.

A few comments, hopefully useful notes:

1. The order of enemy turn is ambigious, would be great to include some indications of that, so you can plan your moves well (this is especially important since enemies can damage each other);

2. In the classic roque-like run (Hades, Slay the Spire, etc.) the most vital resource is health since it is rarely restored. This can impact the playstyle, like forcing players to be defensive. This could limit the viable strategies in game, and hurt replayability. The potions kinda aleviate the problem, but I got to dig deeper to see if that becomes a problem later in game.

3. Allow some potions to be used in between the fights?

4. Really easy to forget what some of the moves (player's or enemy's), would be nice to have some way to read about them and their special moves.

In any case, good luck, this is gold ^^

Glad you like it! Gonna make it even prettier still ^^

Thank you for the kind words! We have a lot planned for the game, so stay tuned ^^

That is great, rooting for you guys!

I saw the trailer earlier today and I am definitely getting my hands on this ^^. Have you guys considered Switch by any chance?

Either way, congrats on the launch!

Hi Darenn!

I really liked what you did with the "source material"! Really liked the illumination mechanic, and the end game is a lot more fun, can be challenging in the first run. The 64px limitation makes everything looks crammed, but that honestly works well with the darkness of the world that you've built.

For starting pixel art I think that looks quite good! I would advice you to look over at for palettes and tutorials (artists Pedro Medeiros and Slynyrd are my recomendations). Even a tiny change, like applying a custom palette will breath a lot of live into the game.

Looking forward to the final version!

I have a very easy way of rating the game - if I play the game, and I get annoyed that I did not come up with this idea first, the game is really good :D

I think you have an excellent entry to the jam, but moreover, there is a base you can expand on for a full fledged deck/city building game.

Oh thanks, I will check it out!

Currently working on it! We did decide not to have an end goal, and a lot more content than present now, new mechanics, buildings, etc. Still same process of discovering new things as you go, but with more explanation of what is going on :)

PS: Thanks for the kinds words ^^

oh oh, which vid? I get a lot of visits from Youtube, but I do not know where they are coming from :D

Imperator Velis was a test run - me and a friend to try making a game together, in a month, and it didnt land well. Oh well, thanks for at least checking it out!

That is the first bug found since i released the game back in... 2016!

I knight thee Sapling Archer, The Bug Hunter!

Aww thank you, you made my morning ^^

Hi Cuca, I am glad you enjoyed it! Please let me know when you are done working on it I would love to check it out.

Hei Darenn, I am glad you enjoyed the game! I always try to evaluate the games on the basis of elegance of its game design instead of complexity - and that’s the approach I take when I design them as well. Becomes harder, mind you, but I think it is the correct parameter to… optimise?

I think it was the 3 minute game design mini-series by Keith Burgun where I first learned about the concept, and I wholeheartedly suggest to take a look if you have got the time. 

Cheers, looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

This was my first game on Construct - and even though I have thought of updating the game, I just honestly have no wish to get back to coding in Cosntruct engine :/

Played the web version, it is a lovely puzzle, and very well executed!

Haha, yes of course! Tag me once you are done please ^^

Haha, thanks! I actually started by making the movement around with shakiness and sounds to feel nice, and then did the same for the right-hand menu before I had any idea what kind of game I was building :D

Glad you liked it! The full game will have passive and aggressive creatures as well, to add some challenge to the game