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not a playdate game. shouldnt be tagged playdate

this isnt a playdate game.  it shouldnt be tagged playdate

this isnt a playdate game. so it shouldnt be tagged playdate

this doesnt appear to be a playdate game.  please remove the playdate tag

fyi: when you install it, it shows up as a game called "Town", by "Me"

error when trying to sideload   

"The bundleID field is missing from pdxinfo."

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Error when sideloading on the website:   "The bundleID field is missing from pdxinfo."

it looks neat though, im excited to check this one out once i can get it loaded

i encountered an   error when trying to sideload "Could not find a top-level .pdx file."

do you know if they ever ported it? 

does this run on playdate?  ive seen it added to some playdate game collections recently.  you should add the "playdate" tag if so ;)

cool game, it would be nice to be able to use the crank to adjust the hole size as well 

to be more specific:  i figured out i can play the game with no crashes if  i use the crank first to rotate the level a bit before ever touching the dpad.

as long as i use the crank first, dpad no longer crashes the game.  

 i can enjoy your game now :)

the new file is still crashing ,  i tried it in both left and right handed mode. game plays fine until dude lands at the top of the stack.  but after that   as soon as i touch the dpad in any direction the game crashes.

this crashed my playdate when I tried to play it.   It worked all the way up to the first button push in game.  I deleted the game data and tried again with same results.   Looks awesome though I'm really excited for this one 

sad this didnt work out, i love playdate golf games

you should add the "playdate" tag so more people can find it 

that fixed it, thanks

NOTE TO FUTURE BUYERS: daily mode and leaderboard no longer supported

not a playdate game, shouldnt be tagged playdate

This game shouldnt be tagged playdate,  its not a playdate game

having trouble with sideloading the new update file, " Could not find a top-level .pdx file"

that one worked,  thanks

 when i try to sideload through playdate website it says :  

The bundleID field is missing from pdxinfo.

the new file worked, ty

it doesnt sideload for me either.  i am trying to play it on an actual playdate handheld ,  when sideloading on the website it says "pdx info is  invalid"

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lots of questions when i try to play.    im not sure what target im supposed to be shooting at...a clown mouth? which clown?   do i crank to shoot?  its all very confusing :) 

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Any more daily questions updates coming?  :-( 

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this happened to me too.

UPDATE:  the most recent patch fixed it :)

thanks for the quick update :) 

(yes windows machine) 

that fixed it for me,  thank you :)

error when i try to sideload : 

"The bundleID field is missing from pdxinfo. "

can you upload a of the lowresjam final version?  Id like to sideload  and dont know what to do with a .json file to get there

great game, but one puzzle hardly justifies a demo.  this is a tease ;)

im also interested in what the endless mode would look like 

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neat idea, great physics mechanics.  i like it.    any chance for more levels in the future? id buy a level pack