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I had closed and relaunched to same results that same day. Just launched the game again to see if I can get any extra details on the issue.. and it launched just fine.

I can't alt tab out and back in, however, as the game doesn't return to full screen and doesn't display itself: I get a window border in top left of my monitor around other things already on my screen. Audio still functional, however.

Windows 10

Tried to launch game, it messed with my resolution but didn't stay on screen. Minimized to task bar immediately and goes back any time I try to switch to it. Unplayable.

Very nice prologue. I hope to see Chapter II some day!

I really enjoyed this. I was disappointed that it ended! (However, I did like the ending.)

This seems interesting, but the graphics quality... everything is so pixelated, and outdoors view is so extremely limited. The lack of any sort of menu, or much for UI in general. This game has potential, but needs improvements in a number of areas before I'd consider it playable.

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Similar to the issue reported on Steam over a year ago. Alt+F4 to close the game since there was no functional UI.

I reloaded from last save. I appeard in the elevator. Forefields were down.... still got the android app information

Plenty of bugs. What to do isn't clear. Just wandering around until I finally encounter something I can actually do. This needs work.

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I enjoyed the first 5 episodes of this series. Tried to play through this to continue the story, but the gameplay was not very fun. When it came to the platforming in the elevator shaft I quit, as I consider that kind of thing pure frustration with no redeeming qualities. The tubes before it were annoying enough. Goodbye to this series - even if you do return to a P&C style.