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Thank you very much! :))

Thank you for your input! We run out of time pretty quickly eheh. Gotta work on the time management, I work full-time so gotta use the time better… :)

Thank you very much! I still have a long way to go about managing time. I wanted to walk the player through the game a bit better, but preparing the assets took a lot of time :’)

Thank you very much! I wanted to carry the level of quality in the intro to the game ui as well, but unfortunately, ran out of time. Game jams are hard eheh

That’s great to know. Un-intuitive but hell, it works so no complaints! Thank you :)

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Hey thanks for the reply!

They did, but it doesn’t appear on my profile.

(Edit: it does appear, it was pointed out that I need to “unhide” it from the theme dropdown, for anyone who has the same problem.)

Hey everyone! Self-explanatory title but I’ll clarify:

I joined this jam with a partner & we submitted the game through their page. I was wondering if there’s a way I can place the game on my own profile as well.


Here is mine:

I posted this on the game’s devlog as well, but I just wanted to say it here too: I’ll keep updating until we have a fully functional playable game.

You can check the source code also for hints about what I was trying to implement :))

Cheers! I’m planning to see this through, after drawing all that :D

Thank you, and congrats for completing your first jam! I already started laying the groundwork for updates, gonna post it all as a devlog on the game’s main page.

I will, I already posted a GitHub repo for an update, in a devlog post. Thank you!

Thank you! I regret not being able to finish, but I had to learn a lot of fundamental stuff from scratch, so I hope it at least lays the foundation for the next jams :))

Brilliant game, brilliant artwork, nice controls, nice sounds, fits the theme perfectly. What more to ask? Maybe a font that required would work with less aliasing haha. Jokes aside, hats off!

Nice atmosphere, and congrats on your first game jam delivery! I like the concept, feels Don’t Starve-ish.

Your vignette is a bit too extreme, especially considering you’re in a snowy area— you could try having a white vignette so that it looks more foggy instead of just tunnel visioned. But nice feel overall!


Cheers! I should’ve put more emphasis on that— a lot of people actually thought combat was happening while it was just animations haha. Lesson learned :)

Thank you! :))

Thank you! Spoiler alert: they lose!

Cheers for the encouragement! I’ll keep working on this until it becomes actually playable :)

Thank you very much! There will definitely be more coming soon, I’m already working on reorganizing the slapdash game jam folder structure to lay the groundwork for future updates :)

I like that and I feel you on that one. I had the same issue with timing (especially due to it being my first jam). But your idea still got across. Congrats :)

Thought so, the pixel density seemed off, but great storytelling, congrats!

Looks dope!! Did you do the graphics?

Good job! Didn’t really see the connection with the theme, but it’s nice and complete! Sounds are a nice plus :)

BTW, traditionally in asteroid games, asteroids don’t have friction. Is it because you wanted them to actually litter the screen?

Hey hey, here’s my two cents:

Thank you for doing this! It’s totally incomplete, as in the combat doesn’t actually happen, it’s just animations. So if you are in combat and don’t know what’s going on, just press ESC. There’s not much content, only ideas.

Hehe sorry it was so incomplete that people can’t even tell whether the combat is actually going on or not. Spoiler alert: it is not. Just two characters jumping around.

Thank you so much for taking a look at it! I’ll be developing it further. Setting up a schedule to be able to do regular updates. Devlog? Yes, Devlog.

Same here! I’m planning to keep updating it regularly :)

I appreciate it! I’m trying to set development goals and a schedule. Planning on making a devlog for it.

Sounds good! I’ve no experience in GTMK, but asset-wise I can join. I’m also a musician so can hook you up with sound effects and music too.

Is there a way to send PMs on How do we get in touch?

Hey, this was fun to play! The order was confusing but it’s definitely a nice twist to the “growth”.

Hey, this was fun to play! The order was confusing but it’s definitely a nice twist to the “growth”.

Enjoyed this a lot. Great balance.

Great! The movement is nice but it feels a bit too slippery. And that bang is way too loud lol! But nice overall :)

Hey, thanks for doing this!

Not much to do in my game, it’s incomplete, but I’d appreciate a comment or two on the “feel” of it! Thank you again Thank you very much! It’s not a finished game, but I’d really appreciate your opinion, it’s my first ever game jam :)

Thank you! I hope I’m not late.

The game is incomplete, but I wanted to nail a nice graphic and “feel” for the idea.

Thank you very much! Now to make it into an actual game, haha

Thank you, I appreciate it! I’m planning to take this further, I’ve grown attached to it after so many hours :D

Hey, thank you! Sure thing. I’m surprised to find out that I actually enjoy doing GUI and art way more than the average developer. Definitely hit me up if and when you have any idea!

Thank you! Definitely planning on developing it further. Am thinking of starting a devlog…