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Thanks! I had a ton of fun working on it, and I'm pretty happy with how it came out for 5 days of work :)

It's a solid start on a rhythm game, but you'd need to set up a system to get the notes lined up with the beat of the song. It was a bit odd to be playing the game off beat.

No worries, a week is not a lot of time to make a game.

You built a really cool thing.

Sprite work is really nice! One of my favorites of the jam.

This was very silly and I had a good time playing it

Cool atmosphere!

It's made for 1920x1080, so yeah that would probably cut off part of the screen

Cool idea, and I like that the solution changes between playthroughs. My only gripe is that the player controller moved a bit too fast and I would accidentally skip floors before I got used to it.

I really enjoy the sort of risk-reward component of the device, where it heals you but also removes some amount of control. Could be really cool fleshed out.

I appreciate you spreading The Legend of Matt Wiggins

Could be more fun with a few quick usability and quality of life improvements. The enemy radar detecting you immediately on contact is a bit rough, I would give it a small time buffer so that the player has time to understand what happened. There was a point where I got a game over when visually the enemy was still turned around (while in code they likely turned around that frame and it wasn't around visually long enough for me to see it). This sort of leaves the impression of unfairness. Cool idea to potentially develop further.

I like the idea of a meme crafting game, but the game is a touch confusing. Doing a good tutorial is rough in such a limited time though, so I get it.

I really liked it. Neat little interactive experience.

The amount of content here is pretty impressive. I'll probably be coming back to this one to give it a more thorough playthrough.

I like the design of the friends walking around the stage (I assume they will eventually be meant to shoot at you). Bonus points for an easily accessible subocean!

I really enjoyed the illusion of choice bit. A small nitpick is that you continue to take the device from the room after you've already taken it.

I clicked the button 15 times.

I was going to mention that I keep getting hurt and have no idea why, but then I read the bug notes, so you already know that one. As far as a 5 day jam goes, anything procgen is pretty impressive. The controls are much more slippery than I think I would like a platformer to be, though I understand not having a ton of time to refine the controls. Solid effort!

The side mirrors are a cool touch. Are those done using extra cameras?

Thanks! When you pick it up we hope you have a good time!