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Hi, really glad you enjoyed the game and thank you for the well thought-out feedback.

You're completely right about the grappling under the screen, being able to go under the screen invalidates a lot of the obstacles. It's still possible for some of the levels, but it's hard enough to pull off that I felt it didn't break the game.

Yeah, the grappling only to the right sometimes feels wrong, particularly when you're very close to a grapple point. If I hadn't been working within the limitations of the two-button game jam, I might have gone with a button for grappling forwards and a button for grappling backwards. 

The crosshair is a great idea and I might add it at some point. 

Thanks :-) 

Nice work, glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks :-)

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

Fun game, aiming felt a bit too tricky for me, but it was very satisfying when you hit and I really liked the reload mechanic. Could have used a little explanation, as it took me a couple of lives to work out what I was doing.

Thanks man, yeah, the movement controls are probably my biggest bugbear with the game. I've considered putting in a flying saucer type ship, or just increasing the drag a bit.

Hi, I actually set it so high because I found myself jumping accidentally. I've tried to find a happy medium. It's gone from Yaxis>0.7 to Yaxis>0.3.

Wow, that's an amazing price. Yeah, I don't know how a custom mapping would correspond, I used InControl which automatically maps common controllers based on the operating system. Reading the documentation on InControl, it sounds like it might be an issue particularly with the start button. I've just set it up so that it will accept any input to spawn the character, given that you could get through the intro screen, that should work (at least for the adding of a new player, I've no idea how the rest of the bindings will correspond). Thanks for all the time you've spent, it's been super helpful and I've learnt a fair bit.

What controllers are you using? It could be that the start button is bound differently.

Hi, I tried to run your game, but I got the following error.

'The code execution cannot proceed because UnityPlayer.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.'

I think you may need to include additional files in your upload, I had a similar problem when I first uploaded my Windows build.

I liked the art style and I thought the idea was pretty fun. I think a few obstacles would really improve the game, it seems like the best way to win is just to try and fire a shot before your opponent shoots you. Maybe a time delay between shots to discourage shooting over moving? Maybe limited ammo? Anyway, it's a cool idea and very minimalist. 

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Hmm, I've tested with Windows 10 and xbox controllers. Did nothing happen after you pressed start? It should spawn a blue square. 

Btw, thanks for taking the time to try it, I really appreciate it :-)

Hey, I tried out those controls and I think they work well. I've changed them in the updated version. RB as dash actually fixed a bug that had been adding an additional constraint. You now fire just by holding the right stick in the direction you want to shoot, rather than needing to use the right trigger.