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Put More Weapons And More stuff to do

And Balance the game i cant make an hardware without almost be bankrupt...

ok but keep it in development so if you get another friend (idk if you have another friend, no offense) your job will be much easier


And Pls Be active with this game this will be excelent if you take this opportunity to make better this game.

I think you need more staff for this game cuz this game have so much potential :)

And if You put an enchanting (or whatever it is writed)  way for swords how sell it to an Wizard and make him enchant the weapon then he will deliver you the weapon and this ... enchanting phase will upgrade the buy cost . :D

sorry for bad english xD

I Think you can add some exp for this game but not the normal exp how : if you get 30 you recieve 30% of speed in forge. i mean that with the exp you make better the swords or hammers or whatever it is. :D