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Come and follow the Pokitto PUNKJAM results livestream today at 7 GMT! We discuss #diy #hobbygamemaking (the stuff that sits below #indie), we chat and have fun with original and unique games on the 36kB #pokitto game console STREAM LINK-->


Copy of text on Pokitto forums:

"Hey all

The jam is about to end. We have had a lot of discussion on the Discord channel about how we have had a bad habit of extending jam deadlines to the point where they have become meaningless.

So we shall not do that this time.

HOWEVER, it seems we have at least a couple of entries (mine included) that are close to missing the deadline / entries that will be badly affected by the rush to meet the deadline.

I have to balance the health of the Pokitto community vs. strictly sticking by rules. Considering how much effort has been put into the jam so far (including work done on TAS, Femto and organizing the jam itself), then if we get 4 + some half-baked / kneecapped entries, then I am going to be really sad.

In football, there is the concept of “stoppage time”, which means that the referee makes a judgement on how much of the 90 minutes of the game was actually active play time and how much was used for stoppage (fouls and discussions, interruptions). On championship level, in 2018, stoppage time was on average 5.3 minutes. So game time was extended to 95.3 minutes on average.

Considering that we have had several revisions of tools (Femto, TAS and TASUI) during the jam, I am of the opinion that “stoppage time” would apply in this case.

And, using the same average of 5.3 minutes, that would mean in the context of jam, aprroximately 1.8 days. This would mean that with stoppage time, the jam would end on sunday, giving many (including myself) that vital weekend time to get our crap into presentable form. Those who have worked on their entries with friday in mind would not be unnecessarily disadvantaged, because 2 days will not change the world, but those who are on the verge of making it, will possibly have something to submit to the jam.

Enough explanation, let’s put this to vote asap."

Link to the vote below. I will see how the community responds and then we will go from there.

Hi Manuel and thank you for your excellent question.

This is purely hypothetical, but will illustrate a typical case.

Coder X is making a car game on a limited-resources console. The game is coming along fine, and he (let's assume coder is man this time) adds a fancy intro animation. The animation takes 15-20% of program space. Satisfied with that, the coder dismisses some old coders incoherent warnings to absolutely crunch down the intro. So far so good.

Fast forward an eternity. The game is now almost done. It now takes 210 of about 220 kB of available program space. Coder X is still happy. But, alas! Little does he know that he is already doomed. Storm clouds are gathering around his happy project.

Why is this? Because coder X forgot about sounds. There is not enough space to add them, yet the game cannot be complete without them!

Finally realizing his dire situation, the coder tries to minimize other parts of the game, only to realize it would remove essential elements of gameplay.

"Why, oh why hast thou abandoned me, oh gods of programming?" He asks in despair, pulling his beard and his robes. 

Booming, a sound replies from the pixellated, 16-color dithered clouds. "Manuel, Manuel!" (Coder could be any name, Joe or Alex but we assume Manuel, just for the sake of simplicity) "you say you are thirsty, you are hungry and you suffer. Yet you *hide* something in your robes that will feed your project! Look!"

"My animated intro! Noo! You can not ask this of me!" cries the poor coder. 

"That intro is not essential to gameplay and in any case could be optimized further to save program space - and you *know* it Manuel! Call me back when you have given  some thought to demoscene tricks!" ... and with a giant click of the receiver and a disconnected dial tone the voice from the skies is gone.

Now, something like this might or might not happen in your life, but you would do well to remember this ancient story of how Manuel lost his way.

Hey! Feel free to ask me anything, about the jam, life universe and how to maintain your hair!


I am just about to finalize our Punk Jam but theme editor is missing fonts and stuff like that.

What has happened over here? added. Contains Pokitto emulator, just run the .exe to play community team wants to thank the organizer(s) for a really fun gamejam. This was a first time for us, and we really enjoyed it. Also very impressed by the games submitted, and would love to see some of them being ported to Pokitto.

Adekto, vonBednarski, Trelemar, Wuuff and Jonne

Thanks! Done by our very gifted community member Fred Bednarski!

We are continuing the development, stay tuned to @pokittocom on twitter 

Music by Zach Bridier, used by permission from him

Buy a Pokitto and use the sample at a higher sampling frequency. Problem solved!

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Thank you everyone for trying out the game! Please come check out our community at We are constantly scheming evil plans of how to take over the world with Pokitto, the 48Mhz, 36Kb RAM #diy game console.