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Somebody's probably already made a mobile port, go find it.

You don't.

(spoiler warning, if you have not posted the game yourself PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE go in blind.)

You literally cannot save her, if you don't confess your love, she dies because nobody cares about her. If you do confess your love, she dies because she doesn't want to burden anyone with caring about her.

Sadly your can't save best girl 😔

good question i havent gotten the chance to try steamvr yet but i assume thats what he did bc i cant think of any other way without modding the headset a shit ton


play of the gamers champion

Sh means self harm

It would be real funny if it was available on Android lmao

Android can not play


And it's also apparently in a trans rights bundle! :)

I will say, I kind of agree. Tho I am a bit biased bc I'm still annoyed that I thought it was a story, not a biography kinda thing on Undertale and Toby Fox

Why did you get hit with downvote hell

Note to see, don't hold X.

That's just what Pico-8 does when you reset

1. thats the windows version. it wont work.

2. maybe put that in the fnf stuff, not ritz.

when the 0 is dusty! :flushed:

i hate myself for that

think they need music for it, and have a couple people for charting

just noticed i ruined the 69

btw my discord is Poketrainer#7452

i might be able to draw up some concept art for the background, but thats about it, and it will probably take a while because i have school and stuff with not much free time. but i might be able to help.

Pls add mobile support

LD stands for "Ludam Dare" this is a demo created for the Ludam Dare Game Jam.

No dip, Sherlock

whenever i try to play a level, it boots me to the title screen but the "press enter" thing neither is there or works, and gf is a still frame, instead of animate