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okay and why are you sexually attracted to a piece of fiction that depict minors

why are you sexualizing minor characters for

If I buy it would I still have access to the mobile version?

Damn guess I can't wait out for the issa update no more

Issa update when?

I shall wait out for the issa route

Is the Android version finally fixed?

Aw no mobile

Will there be a mobile version of this game?

When y'all come out with a mobile version of the game I'll play the full price

Mobile when?

I feel like there's a big difference between a emulator and a actually android 

Can someone tell me if the mobile version actually works and won't randomly close out

Thank you for the information 

The game keeps randomly closing when I enter a battle or move around what can I do about itwhy is the mobile version so trash

Two questions

If I  buy it would I have permanent access to it?

Is there going to be a Issa consort route?

Quick update:Im on mobile version when ever I literally move on the map it randomly closing It's worst than the older version 

Do you know how to stop it from closing out randomly 


The game keeps randomly closing when I enter a battle what can I do about it

There been a error when ever I play on mobile the game randomly close out when eve I'm in a fight do you know how to fix it

When yall come out with a Issa route I'll buy it

The game on mobile keeps closing out when ever I'm in the middle of a fight

If I buy it will I have permanent access to mobile

Why dose the game keep crashing after I enter a fight

The game keeps crashing when I enter battle

The android version keeps crashing

Also what is "that scene"

Is the a mobile version in the future

I don't care if this game would break my phone I need a mobile version 

Is there a mobile version

I can't wait for Issa to be consort soon


Hey I'm having a problem with the game it keep closing out on me when I open the game but my phone is a android 11 so I don't know what the problem is my phone or the game

The mobile version keep randomly closing out

How is this not mobile seems like it would be perfect for that platform

I play the mobile version and it keeps randomly closing out on me after 4 loading screens is there any way to stop that

where can you find the sword so it let you go down the stairs in the first leave

Will there be a mobile version

Will this ever be mobile