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I can't wait for Issa to be consort soon


Hey I'm having a problem with the game it keep closing out on me when I open the game but my phone is a android 11 so I don't know what the problem is my phone or the game

The mobile version keep randomly closing out

How is this not mobile seems like it would be perfect for that platform

I play the mobile version and it keeps randomly closing out on me after 4 loading screens is there any way to stop that

where can you find the sword so it let you go down the stairs in the first leave

Will there be a mobile version

Will this ever be mobile

I can't wait to have Issa as a consort

When are we getting a Alex route

I hope this will be on mobile

Is there going to be a mobile version

Dose anyone know how to make this work on joiplay

exagear is a Windows emulator

I'm using exagear on android

do you know how to make it work on joiplay 

I agree

How come you can only fuck issa once and the only way to fuck him again is by punishing him if anything I thought there would be a route to make him kinda like your sex slave or maybe consort or something

to use wine the windows emulator but it only go up to windows 6

who is that

(1 edit)

No but really how is it a gay option but there is only one trap to fuck and how there only one trap but still great game 9/10

Add more Traps

Will the be more characters or something


so would it work

I'm trying to see If wine work

I'm trying to test wine the window s emulator

Could this run on window 6

Could this run on window 6

Could this run on window 6

Is this able to run on  window 6


It looks like It could be mobile

What aversion that can run on joiplayor wine

Will there be an android version or one that work with joiplay

Could this work with joiplay

Damn man I'm trying to make a trap harem

Dose anyone know how to make this compatible with joiplay