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This game is pure 🔥

I'll check what I can do!!!


There is only silence.

That's my kind of jam :)

hahaha those damn frogs

Impressive work for the jam! Love the concept.

Got stuck sometimes when trying to throw the frogs, I guess they are truly cursed!

Impressive content for a jam! Really loved the last flying part and the twist. I'm happy I got to the end. I sadly skipped a lot of dialogue so I missed the condition, but it was fun to play!

I wish I could start to fly more easily, without needing to charge the space button and going in the direction I'm currently aiming. It would make the transition more fluid. (Maybe you can still charge though if needed?)

love it!

The grid movement fits super well with the aesthetics! Feels like moving small plastic toys on a playground.

Not sure how to progress with the snake and the ice cube though! Tried a few things, but couldn't get it. But overall, the puzzles works well!

Love it! Thank you :)

You're right - I think it would have been much smoother too. Might revisit the build later, stay tuned for updates :)

Thank you! :)

Thanks for the feedback! Agreed :) Might revisit the build later, stay tuned!

Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it!

Thank you for the feedback! Just played your game, great concept! 

Dunno if you created the art yourself, but I just used a tilemap from :)
Wish I could have done more art wise, but I had to do the jam in 24 hours so I did what I could!

Gotta give credit where it's due for the tilesheet:
I believe it's the 1-bit platformer kit that I used.

Thank you for the feedback, might revisit the game later! Stay tuned :)

Thank you for the feedback! :D

Thank you! Agreed :) Might revisit the build later, stay tuned!

Oooh! That's true! It would be really cool if momentum could pick up with movement.

Thanks for feedback! Controls can be definitely worked on.

I got to download it from the Asset Store actually, Unity put it back for a little while afterwards. I think your best bet would be to ask directly customer service about it. That's what I did and they were able to tell me that the version was coming back to the asset store in about a month. Sadly they removed it now, since I believe it only works with 2018.3 or something. Good luck!

Great concept! Love that you have to think about how the components are combined together. Would love to see that concept being expanded upon. I got stuck at the room with the 3 gates, seems like there was a lot of cubes that I couldn't access in the top left corner of the room, not sure if I was supposed to reach them or not.

Gotta thank for the spritesheet! Amazing assets for prototyping and game jams.

Thank you and yes, definitely funky! Controls should be reworked, especially considering that the original idea was to use the chain as a swing first, then press the button to detach, launch the platform and gain a double jump. The game would have been much different, much more dynamic and probably more fluid. Really had a hard time dealing with Unity's tilemap system and dynamic collisions, hence the stuck movement. I'll see if I can work on that.

Thank you! :)

Thank you! The controls could get more work indeed :)

Yeah definitely! The game looks and plays great otherwise! :)

Cool concept! I wasn't able to go through the second level, but I think I got a bug since I couldn't move the block up or down (It was fixed at a certain level). Apart from that, really liked it!

Highscore was 17! :D Nice procedural generation :)

This game was a beautiful surprise from the jam! Love the theme interpretation and very cool concept!

Great art and ambiance! The music works great too!

Love it! Gameplay is tight and the music is awesome :)

Love the ending!

Thanks for the build!

I was wondering if you still have the project files on your computer? Unity decided to deprecate the project a few days ago on the Asset Store... :(

I would definitely interested if you could share them!

Thanks :)