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you got it!

for steam: F7Z6V-V7R0Q-JDEWQ 

Thanks for playing!

Hey thanks for playing! as usual!!

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Hey! Thanks a lot! Glad you liked it! Thanks for making another video and keep your eyes peeled for more cases for Dammit and Biche to solve soon!

Hello there! Awesome. Thanks for making a video! I'm glad you liked it!!!

Regarding the audio menu. Murder 38 was made for Ludum Dare on the adventure game engine we are currently developing. Some stuff, such as the audio menu isn't fully implemented. I believe all you can really do is turn the subtitles off. Was there something you wished to adjust?

Thank you for nice comment. It is definitely something we will look to do in the future. I want to see the prison episode!

Hello! Thank you for playing our game and leaving feedback, much appreciated.

This game is still in it's unfinished Ludum Dare state. We are currently remaking it along with some other games on our page for an all in one pack. The arcade machine and other things will be able to be sold and the clues and logic will be a little bit clearer in general. You're right, some of it is a bit random haha.

Hope we can get you to try the new version when it's done!

Awesome! Thank you for playing and making the video!

Thank you for the video! We are working on a new build with slower text speed which we'll upload as soon as possible.

Thanks for playing!

Sorry we just made it up for the game. If you ever found the similar song let me know, I'd love to hear that!