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4:33. The clowns will get ejected if the speed is too fast and the car hits an obstacle. Clowns seemingly don't click well with the car when the car has lost clowns before and it tries to pick up newer clowns as the laps progress. I would say that the concept and premise are fun or work pretty well on paper, but I am also glad that you did execute for submission to the game jam, so some jank will happen. :)

Underrated work of music, love it!

Thanks for the critique, I did intend this game jam entry to be at fixed resolution 1024x768 without dynamic/responsive changes to window resize. That's something I intend to look into in future jam entries.

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. I'm aware of these issues prior submitting. Had I got a little more time I would polish/iron out these issues. :)

Ball tracker required a lot of finesse, so I quickly switched back to the mouse and it's definitely easier/more intuitive. :D

Interesting concept. I was using a ball tracker, so the controls of mouse movement was difficult initially.

Puzzle games are generally have to be hand-crafted, so I applaud the effort into making the game easy to understand and yet challenging. :)

Thank you for the encouragement, completing a game to the best of my ability and especially during a game jam can be challenging, I'm glad that you like it! :D

The transitions across the different time periods as the game progresses is very neat! Though I notice that there is some significant lag as the game progresses when played on WebGL/browser mode (I am using Firefox x64). Pretty neat concept especially with the additional runners added as the game advances.

Dear lawd, I sent 180 Singaporeans to their deaths just to make a so-so Chicken Rice. TT_TT That chicken is really feisty!

Very fun to play. Though I notice in some occasions, the horizontal distance between the randomized platforms can be too large, and when the player re-selects the path downstairs again, there will be more damage-causing platforms spawned. Overall very interesting play loop and concept!

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I see what you did there with that... name on top of that title. I don't fully grasp the mechanics, but it was quite funny especially with those bottom-right messages popping up.

The web version runs perfectly well on Firefox Windows x64 but IE Edge has hiccups (not that this should be of concern, just my observations :)).


Played it thru; got score 11374, the questions definitely got trickier from the 2000s onwards. Does test the mind a little, good effort!

Hi, I recently (a few weeks ago) downloaded the Level Builder for Bun and Gun, but just today, Microsoft Windows Defender flagged that program as a Trojan:Win32/Fuery.Blcl of a Severe threat level. Do you know what's happening?

Great effort put into the demake. Though I was wondering if the Reload mechanic can be a bit more intuitive... made some inaccurate shots in moments of panic when clicking the Reload button.

CONTRAry to popular belief, you don't need good design principles to make an outstanding game. This one's... a masterpiece (in terms of irony and hilarity). Also, great voice sampling for the music.