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It seems broken right now--it stays at 0% uploading even with a <20K square jpg (64x64 or 80x80). In Brave it says "Custom Types" and shows no types so I have to choose All Files  (in firefox it is on Show All, but still 0% uploading forever). Same occurs after confirming my e-mail address, then logging out and back in. :edit: Hmm...nvm, it works with a 192x192 image but not too large--odd. Image must have Goldilocks conditions, or there was an outage.

The people who posted this release (not the original creators of Minetest) don't seem to be offering you any assistance, so let me help you out. These minetest (.net) releases have major flaws starting around 2016 that just keep building up. I suggest trying the releases instead.

They don't seem to be responding to people on this page, and they aren't the original creators of Minetest. Also, 5.0.0 breaks compatibility with old mods and world formats (sometimes frequently, for years now). I suggest releases instead (it also has better support; I make some content for Minetest mods including for releases).