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I really loved this game! Is there any chance we can get some graphical options to reduce the grime a little in the next demo/release though, it was a bit hard on my eyes after 40 minutes.

Also, A++ on the story writing, I very often hate reading the notes in indie horror, but your writing is so great. It tells a story while also simultaneously asking new questions.

The Riverside Incident is one of the best environmental horror games I've played in my entire lifetime. Bravo, the collection is worth it for that game alone.

Really really cool game!

Really cool game. The aesthetic is perfect, I love the subnet coloring, and the gameplay itself is really interesting. I'd definitely play a full roguelike like this.

Hey dude, I hope my post on the Ex Zodiac page wasn't upsetting at all, I can be a bit blunt sometimes!

I totally understand where you're coming from now. As a programmer staying focused on a single project has always been a problem, and I think that a big part of the reason game jams have caught on is -- making something within a timeframe that can keep your attention.

A full sized project is a lot of work and even though a lot of problems as "solved" by engines for you (you don't have to blip polygons to the screen by hand,) they're replaced by new problems in the form of complexity. 

If you think releasing a public demo would help your motivation then I say you should go for it, but you really need to be introspective on what is holding your motivation back. Perhaps some feedback could be cathartic, but maybe you are just burned out on the project.

On Linux it won't launch due to a dependency on an outdated version of libssl:

./Dolphin Island 2 (64 bits): error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Is this project dead? It looks so promising!

Featherfall community · Created a new topic Linux build?

I loved Brume! Any chance we'll get a Linux build for this game as well?

Very fun

Any chance for a Linux build? Game looks cool!

Just want to chime in on this, while I know it's not high on your priority list it would be great to see a distro-agnostic Flatpak package

I'm a developer on Neverware's CloudReady ( which is a fork of ChromiumOS aimed at running on more generic hardware than just Chromebooks. We've added Flatpak support and integrated it with the ChromiumOS UI, and I've been doing all of my gaming lately via the Steam Flatpak. It would be great to get as well.

Since it's ChromiumOS we don't ship with a package manager so we can't make use of the deb/rpm,  so it would be great to have Itch in a Flatpak :)