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Thanks, now I understand it better.

How does Content ID influence  streamers of a game which makes use of this music. Would they have problems with monetizing or take down of their videos for example?

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The UI is broken on ultra-wide screen (3440x1440) for the panel where you choose terrain in main menu. Top bit of it is not visible as it is off screen. The "Welcome to Terra Nil" has the "0% of 50%" circle over the text, again probably cause of the alignment. Popup/tooltip for the bottom-left circle, again off-screen.

You need to test the game against ultra-wide. In Unity you can add new resolutions to test in the aspect ratio drop-down in game view.

More and more people have access to these kinds of resolutions so you need to either add support for it or you need to lock the game res to aspect ratios you designed for so that we have black borders on sides when game will not work well on ultra-wide.

I've added an "easy mode" to the new version . enjoy ;)