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hmm, not sure what would’ve caused that, were you moving the camera frequently while moving the characters? Perhaps chunks were being loaded in, and causing lag.

Either way, sorry about that!

I’m sorry that you had a bad experience with my game, I’m actively continuing to work on the game, obviously and unfortunately there’s not much I can do with the jam build. I will be removing the WebGL version, however I found that games that do not include a webGL build generally perform worse in terms of views. But I suppose rather counter-intuitively that made the game worse.

I’m hoping that all the constructive criticism I’ve been receiving will help me make the game better, I feel like I can do better with more time, and I wouldn’t be able to improve without people pointing out the issues, so thank you :) Once again though, I apologise for the negative experience.

Thank you for the feedback, no I haven’t heard of that game, but I’ll definitely have a look at it, thank you for the suggestions. Yeah, I’m back working on the game again and my first plan of action is a complete UI overhaul, and hopefully making it simpler and easier to understand. I have a lot of plans for the game, it was quite ambitious given a week so hopefully months manage to get it on the right track. Thank you!

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Huh, that’s very interesting, I’m very sorry you encountered that bug. And yeah sorry I should have made that more clear in the tutorial, which is my bad. I decided to try my best to clear up some ambiguities in the game’s description. Thank you for your feedback!

Edit: The slow camera movement has made me think, what kind of hardware are you playing on? I’m worried that maybe the game is running slow, and I forgot to multiply the camera movement by deltaTime, hence resulting in a slow camera. If it slow hardware that could also explain the crash.

Yeah unfortunately I didn’t have much time to make the tutorial clear enough, which is my bad, I might make a clearer text-based tutorial in the description of the game that may be more clear. Thanks for your feedback!

hmm interesting, I’ll have to look into the game crashing bug, the anvil not placing thing might have come about because you weren’t in build mode, or maybe your inventory was open? Otherwise I’m unsure.

If you played the game in the browser, while loading it may say that the page has stopped responding, if you keep clicking wait it will eventually load. Otherwise if you played on the executable, I hadn’t encountered any crashing, sorry you ran into that!

Thank you :D

Thank you! :)

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you! I chose to leave to leave out a fullscreen option on purpose because when i played the game in fullscreen it was very disorientating and youd end up standing back from your monitor to see it properly anyway, the brain must have a hard time piecing shapes together when the pixels are larger.

Very fun game, love the mechanic, can be very difficult but managed to get there in the end! Great work!

Amazing game! I love the characters and style so much!

Absolutely love the animations in this game, the characters are hilariously animated! I found it a bit hard to see when entering the realm of forgotten messages, but managed to get through it. Great work!

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Thank you! I saw your game in the discord too, I loved the Calculator haha, I’m 100% trying your game when I’m at my PC

Thank you very much! :D

Thank you! Yes, I'm really pleased with how the shader came out and I'm definitely using it in future projects, granted with a higher resolution. If you haven't already seen, I've uploaded a high res version that is linked in the desc. if you're at all interesting in seeing that :) 

(And thank you for the sensical response, as apposed to some other people :p)

Thank you?

Ah, thats actually intentional, its meant to be chaotic with enemies, but i suppose they could do with a bit more control

Love the idea! Also fun to play, camera movement can be difficult, but thats negligible granted the restricted time.

Ah yeah, sorry about that, I forgot to add controls and how to play, completely on me; but to use the sword you need to swing it with your mouse pointer, and the speed of the sword determines the amount of damage it does. 
As for the enemy spawning, if by broken you mean sometimes spawning in front of the player, that too is my bad, before that spawning system, I was using an even more broken one that could spawn them inside walls, so I had to change it last minute.
Thanks for playing though! Even if it wasn't that good :p

This is really fun! Love the mix between FPS and typing game, its a fun way to learn to type that I might keep coming back to to use as practice! Well done!