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I managed to get the T into the corner by undoing as I reset but has anyone corrupted the level further?

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The upper left is just... the entrance. Did I navigate through the game wrong and come in the opposite side?

EDIT: Oh my god forgive me. There was an exit in the upper left, I thought I tried going there but I didn't

I think I softlocked myself in the room just after that painful fire room with the berry, there is no way back and the room seems impossible unless you enter from beneath.

Nvm you have to

Skip level 5

Really enjoyed it but does anyone know how to access the secret?

how make level

It is my time again

This time a lowest provided blocks challenge with a bonus challenge of minimum drawn:
  • 1: 3/3, 0 drawn (can't do it here)
  • 2: 2/4, 1 drawn (only use the pultiblocks and draw a long block) 
  • 3: 0/2, 2 drawn (draw blocks, there is no obtuse shape that will work)
  • 4: 0/3, 1 drawn (make a long bar)
  • 5: 0/1, 1 drawn (make a Tetris T near your start and manage it so its bar covers both)
  • 6: 0/2, 1 drawn (go to the lower right, make an upside down L and push it up)
  • 7: 0/3, 2 drawn (make a bar for the two on the left and a hook for the right)
  • 8: 0/2, 2 drawn (make an S shape with an extra block at the top right, then jam it in the crevice and make a 5-block top right corner shape thing to press the buttons, then push the S piece in place and push the corner one over. I experimented with tons of crazy shapes but nothing worked for 1 block)
  • 9: 3/3, 0 drawn (you have to push them all out of the way anyway)
  • 10: 2/6, 5 drawn (all 5 are one blocks, activate three, then push up, push those two back down, and activate the others, you can decrease the number of total drawings using the diagonal trick but that doesn't decrease the number of blocks)
  • 11: 0/0, 1 drawn
  • 12: 1/1, 1 drawn (now that it becomes a puzzle element everything gets harder)
  • 13: 1/1, 1 drawn (this might be possible but i don't think so)
  • 14: 1/1, 1 drawn (AAA)
  • 15: 1/1, 2 drawn (BBB)
  • 16: 0/0, 2 drawn (You might think that's impossible but with the block entering glitch you can indeed do this)
  • 17: 0/0, 3 drawn (You can make it so just three blocks spawn here)

I couldn't make it any farther legitimately lol

this game is hard


I counted, this is the number of blocks in each level next to the number you need to interact with, accompanied by notes if needed:

1: 2/2
2: 3/3 
3: 3/4
4: 5/8 
5: 0/0
6: 0/0
7: 0/1 (just use the ones digit)
8: 0/0
9: 0/1 (press X, push the tens digit next to the upper left corner, push the ones digit in the lower right corner, get in the upper left corner, spam M, push it out to cover the button and win normally)
10: 0/0
11: 0/0
12: 0/0 (unless you count letters as blocks, in that case 3/4)
13: 0/0

There are a lot of useless blocks

There is a block that is completely useless

You make a mean move counter...

We need a new Nuremberg trial, this is a warcrime against humanity

how do you drop boxes


Thanks for the help, I was making a completely incorrect assumption.

I think I got lost in the Mount Caves, because that one level where you're surrounded by slimes surrounded by spikes seems impossible at every turn, no matter what I try.

yay we can make custom baba words that fit in now

the madman unleashed this game on steam

it's 10% off


Suggestions for 3.0.2 while I'm here:
- Nerf Manifesting so it ramps up in stars like the perks, maybe starting a little slower (it's OP)

- Slightly decrease the amount of nuclear derp Slimer spews (it's almost undodgeable and forces Bellow plus laggy)

- Make Wyrm spawn near the edges of the screen so he doesn't instantly deal unavoidable collision damage or force Bellow to be used at the exact right time

- Put a cap on:

 - the amount of max HP you can get (to prevent immortality)

 - on how much multishot you can get (to prevent lagging out, really high so skilled players can still get 360 degree multishot)

 - on how much wall punch you can get, or add diminishing returns (to prevent trivializing the game's shrinking window gimmick) 

 - on how much fire rate and speed you can get (to prevent lagging out and becoming uncontrollable)

- on how many of the same boss can be alive at once

Yeah manifest OP. I think the best way to fix this is to make the price slowly increase.

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Where 3.0, also how do I update in a manner such that my PBs don't get wiped?

EDIT: It's on steam who cares about highscores when you can have multiplayer and achievements