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Really cool first UE game, I had fun. The mages where really tough, and I really had to play aggressive. The only problem I had was the screen would lock up when I died.

Try now : )

Aha I had no idea what was going on at first. Very clever.

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Staring none other than Tiktalec himself.  As far as concepts go I love fighting huge monsters and space, so I was excited to have a go at making a prehistoric space adventure. I remember playing a time travelling raptor in the 90's treasure Nanosaur, and I love how gaming can let us explore absolutely bizarre concepts to their fullest. I knew Tiktalec would be the perfect protagonist for an idea like fighting Dinosaurs on the moon... in the past! And so Tiktalec and the Dino Moonbase was born. There are a few twists, let's just say that some dinosaurs might not come in the forms you'd expect. 

This was really fun! Things got hectic at times trying to aim and dodge missiles! Managing two types of amo that also act as currency was a really nifty idea. I finished the game with only one trash left hehe.

I just read the first issue, really cool, I wasn't expecting a nice animation sequence either, I'm impressed!

Well, this is really tough! I will keep trying because I like the mechanic, I can't wait to see the complete version now to!

Aha a very challenging new take on an old classic. I'm not sure but the snake controls seem a bit sluggish. They don't always seem to respond. Still quite fun!

When you watch the PC next to the bird it looks like they are having a great time dancing!

This was really fun to play!  Thanks for sharing!

This put a smile on my face! Thanks for a funny game!

Cool! I always had fun with these kinds of shooters as a kid. Nice job.

Tiktalec and the Time Velocity Couriers is a hand drawn comic series with a humorous take on philosophy, theology, and science! Join the missing link between man and fish on his adventures through time, as he and his human Winston evade assassins, solve mysteries, mitigate existential crisis, and correct the course of history!