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Hi, if you bought the game here on Itch, you can go to your download page and get Oculus App Lab code for free (use instructions below). If you received Itch game in some promo action (giveaways, contests, cross-buy), write us to and we can provide you with a key :)


First go to your download page for Song Beater:
• Use the Download button at the top of the game page:
• Or use the Resend my download links form on this page:
Once you are on your download page for Song Beater, you can get the key:
1. Click on the Get Oculus Key button on the download page to get your key
2. Copy your key
3. Go to
4. Paste the key and click on the arrow →
5. You now have Song Beater in your Quest library!

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Ah, thanks for letting us know, we'll look into that! :-)

Edit: It seems it should be automatically active for all App Lab titles (but it also seems from other players' reports it's not working in any of them, so maybe some issue on Oculus side). Can you send us more details to please so that we can escalate it to Oculus support?

Yes, that's right. Multiplayer and championship automatically use fit-boxing mode, no weapons.

We have already plans for weapons modes for the future though so stay tuned! :) 

Hi Alex! Yes, we have also 6DOF PC versions (Steam, Oculus)  and mobile 3DOF version, currently for Oculus Go/Samsung GearVR and older Pico headsets. All download links can be found here on our website:

Feel free to contact us via e-mail if you have any further questions :)

Want to try Song Beater before buying it? Now you can, we have added FREE DEMO!

It contains 3 songs (one from Volume 1, one from Volume 2, and one video), each in all 5 difficulties, and available modes are Fitboxing, Real 360 and The Club. Enjoy :-)

Thank you for letting us know! :)

Have you started the game at least once after reinstalling? It saves the profile with data at that moment. Then the path "\sdcard\Android\data\com.Playito.SongBeater\CustomSongs" should be available as seen here in sidequest file explorer:

Hi, thank you for your message! The issue seems to be in the package name, case of some letters. The old version uses folder "com.playito.songbeater" while the newer one "com.Playito.SongBeater" (and we will keep this new name). So please copy your CustomSongs folder from the old one to the new one. And we will also contact SideQuest support to update shortcut for Song Beater to this new location. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Yes it is. In upcoming new version of the game we already renamed it to "Roomscale with flexible center" to avoid confusion (and on Quest it will be probably hidden completely as this option was needed mainly for SteamVR guardian system)

We do when asked nicely so by all means go ahead! :)

Hi, not yet, but we will look into it. :)

Steam version supports LIV so users can use avatars from that. If you have a PC and Quest connected via quest link/virtual desktop, you can give it a try, feel free to contact us at about it

Hi, if we manage to publish to official Quest Store eventually (we have tried several times already and we will try once more after we finish upcoming update with graphics overhaul, stay tuned :)), we are ready to provide keys to Itch buyers who will be interested in it. For Go version feel free to contact us at :)

(Sorry for late response, we missed the notification)
Hi kippawawa,

1) You should be able to install newest APK over the existing installation and keeping your current profile (application data), no need to uninstall.

2) There is a Download button on Custom songs tab in the latest version (3.3) with several custom songs from our server. You can also visit 3rd party servers with songs for other rhythm games, e.g. we support Beat Saber format so you can visit community website such as and download any songs you like. You can then either copy them manually to your quest (see instructions or use built-in feature in SideQuest, which can download and extract ZIP file with the song for you.

3) Can you check your game settings, option No fail on Game tab? If it's ON, then the score is not written to leaderboard. If it's OFF, it should work.

4) You need full combo and also hardest and most precise hits (combo is multiplied by it). You can turn ON score per hit in % text to be sure you are achieving 90+ % in each hit. Also there might be several cases of songs/difficulty levels, which were later adjusted. 

3+4) If you can be more specific we can check it out, let us know at, thanks :) 

(Sorry for late response, we missed the notification)
If you mean multiplayer, then yes, all Song Beater versions on all platforms can join the same multiplayer lobby and play against each other. If you mean crossplay in terms of one-time buy, we can sometimes provide it manually if we are asked nicely ( :)

Hi, you should be able to see and download latest version of the game under your account (SongBeater_3_3_Quest.apk). You can then install it using SideQuest or ADB, it will overwrite the old version (while keeping your profile and statistics). Let us know in case of any issues at! :)

Hi MagoDago,
sorry for late response. Were you able to solve it in the meantime? Does ADB display any error messages when you issue "adb push" command? And do you have your Quest in developer mode? Feel free to contact us on so that we can investigate it further.

Yes, it does, hosted on our server (so only Song Beater players participate in it). There's a computed hash for song audiofile (so if someone else wants to play the same custom song they need to use the  same verson of files) and for each unique hash there's a leaderboard. :)

One solution is to play perfectly so these announcements won't be played :P But you can also replace the sounds completely if you want (e.g. put some silence there instead ;)). Go to game settings, modding, enable audio modding. When you restart the game, go to game's data folder and look for audio subfolder with exported WAV files present (sounds for different weapons and announcements). You can then replace these files as you like and start the game again. This modding was originally meant for PC players so not sure how reliable it is on quest... Let us know in case you encounter any issues at :)

Hi, thanks! :) There's a button "NEW THEMES" on the first screen when you start the game where you can switch instantly between several environments. And we are already working on new ones, coming soon... :)

Yes, if you purchase the game it is bound to your account and you can download all future updated APKs for free. We have already posted 3 updates in December and it worked for existing players with no problem :)

Hi, Quest recentering (by holding Oculus button) should adjust the height and orientation to default (and the "seat" mode is the correct one for quest, that "room" will be hidden in the future, it was for SteamVR workaround). You can also further modify it in game settings though - head to SETTINGS, first tab PROFILE, and there's a Spawner height adjustment. The number is in centimeters, so if you would like to spawn the beats higher, enter something like 20-50 and it might help.

If you still experience issues please contact us at or visit our Discord server, we'll be happy to help!

Well the APK has around 1GB (many songs and videos included :)) but via USB cable and normal ADB it takes around 1-2 minutes. Not sure how SideQuest does it though, will look into that, thanks for the tip