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Thanks for making this walkthrough and sharing the game! 

Thanks so much! I loved watching your video. My favourite quote was "It's your friendly neighborhood game." :P

Thanks so much! I tried to create the “perspective shift” that haiku evoke by changing the rules. Unusable tiles is a good idea. I might try that...

Thanks! I modified this shader I got from the Unity Asset Store to get the contour effect :) 

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Thanks for the feedback! I may increase the difficulty escalation if I continue development, as a few people have brought it up. There actually is a "level select". You can access it through the menu at the bottom left of the screen. Cheers :)

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Hmm, a lot of people seem to get stumped on level 10... I'm glad you stuck around to solve it!

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rocks and ravens is a short puzzle game inspired by haiku and Japanese logic puzzles like Sudoku.

It takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete. 

More about the game:

  • The 5-7-5 structure of traditional haiku was used to compose the music and order the puzzles.
  • The puzzles are separated into two contrasting parts (a component of modern haiku) with slightly different rules.
  • I started the game during Global Game Jam 2018, which offered the theme "transmission". This quote from Robin Hunicke's keynote reminded me of haiku and got me started: "Try looking the way a child looks, as if always for the first time, and you will, I promise, feel wider awake."