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Hi friend, I have a question. How did you make the windows menu without transpharency ?

I'm  interested, I wanna to wacht your Tower Defense!! U are very frandly! thanks for rate

It's soooooo elaborated, I was love this one!! but I would like a lot of that it has more places, but congratulation u will be a wnnner!!

it's so so elaborate. but relay!  did you do only in one day?

it's so elaborate. congratulation "champion"

I like this one, it's so so elaborate. but de muvement I'm thinking that is so much  quikly

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It's simple but I like this, it makes me feel good, it's so addictive, art is simple but it's good for this kind of game, perfect music! so original, it reminds me of Mario Arcade

thanks for your constructive critique, I thinking that I should improve my system than I have a long way by front

Great geme J' I'd like to do the jam,  you sing up?

Game no open me! D: but your game is being fun

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you should have shot Barman Dad

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thanks you by  your calification I must modify my game becouse it be more confortable

 i ´m  glad to remanber to "Maniac Mansion" 


you´re welcome Klonoz APA :D

Pet´, thank you for your comment, I´ll take your suggestion in account and update the game. thank you very much

The dialog is very big. I like your game

I´d like Design diferent but I like your game. it´s  fine

Esta bien, yo lo hago por diversión también


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Lo decía simplemente por socializar, ademas tu juegos son buenos, espero que ganes la jam

también quiero hacer un juego en conjunto con alguien no te gustaría hacerlo? 

Hey!  M´retro I would like  advise you one thing, it´s that  a person winner never thinks  that   he will lose. so..,  look good  and  good luck.

what king of is theme?

¡hey! can you help me?