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Muchas gracias

Perfecto gracias, eso es importante y yo lo valoro mucho estoy trabajando en una actualización

significa mucho para mi


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We are working in the Game actualizations

Yea sr but i don’t make a web Game, thanks u for all comments!

not for the moment. but we are already working to be able to add the retry thing as soon as possible, we couldn’t do it before because we had to publish it for the contest.

Thank you for your opinion! :)

I like your game a lot, 10/10

Only i say tha was fantastic play your game I like a lot the particles! Nice work

Your game is realy nice! I like a lot!! You used the mecanic very well

I like your game a lot! Nice work my friend. even though your game is the best fast for me!! Good night

I really think your cover is fantastic and I really like your game a lot

only I can tell you is that you are a fair winner congratulations you are a great developer

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Maybe Becouse no it has not more levels and desing

Thanks u!!!


Good mecanics so funny !!

Hey bro I wanna To know what is thx? ’couse no speake english

nice work bro :)

nice work bro :)

o wow, your game is very well worked. It reminds me of a game from my childhood that I don’t really know what it’s called but it’s a blackberry game

your game is fantastic and fun is original

i thinking about your game is so hard and funny! the art is great!

is a game really to another level.

I loved your game, the art is far superior to mine and I would like to learn from your pixel art next time

Cool I think it for next jam, thanks for your comment

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I thanks You for your comment!

Wow is amazing game! I wonder that you them you used for make the game. stardew valley?

is fantastic game. Now, i am a fallower

wow great job!

I love your game diseng

did you understand?

The wrong is how look like. one exaple for you

eee yes! I can to gift some tips: Activate the grid on the second paint tab. It will be utel, and use the pencil, not the brush


jejejeje hey exelente, yo ahora mismo estoy fuera del país. y programo con una laptop


si, siempre se puede

gracias! eres una gran persona, estoy seguro qu alcanzaras el exito jugué tu juego. me gusto mucho mucho las mecánicas y las físicas muy bien trabajado, la hud esta bastante bien