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is it possible that the jam is just "wierd"?

can we just make a wired game and conect it  to the theme later?

the idea is that you can tell the puppy to stop jumping so imagine the character said "puppy, no jumping!" wich is the theme

when you press down your puppy starts going in the right direction so you could use it again .

there is an icon on the top but it is not so readble, sorry...

one of the best games in the jam

the game is realy good but a red worning before the lifegurd turns would be nice

you can use z or o to make the dog stop jumping and then use the dog as a block

how do you finish the level on the last photo?

the one with only one ninja and a new concept

I want moooree!!!!!!!!!!

play test brooo!!!!

it was one of the best games in the jam