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Not unnecessary! Very much helping me a year after the fact! 

Cheers bud! 

Hi there! Just got the pdf and the hyperlinks don't seem to be working? I was curious which links could simulate the block tower online and the deck for multiplaye

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Finally a Honey Select RenPy VN with nominally diverse characters, in age background, ethnicity and skin color. The centering of the women's pleasure and why they'd be interested in an attractive business man is appreciated and Sam being a cool queer tattooed coder chick who's explicitly not into the MC is great. A game that deals with immigration, trafficking, the potential issues with pregnancy in a way that feels humanizing is more than great. Can't wait for a 1.0 release, though I don't know how far we are into the story so might have to wait.

I'm shocked that this seems to be Raybae's first game, if I'm not mistaken, because of the storytelling and design talent on screen.