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Awesome Game!

awesome LP´s^^

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Nope all stages are beatable  :)

Ploping makes fun! With hot makes more fun!!!

You can play it already with your android phone you dont need a apk xD

You can play in your browser with your Android device, the APK for android install will released soon :)

maybe i fix that  in the upcoming Update :)

Thanks a lot :)

:) Cool if you like it!


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Mega nicer Humor, mit einer priese Verrücktheit! Sehr zum empfehlen^^

I like the idea of turn-based fashion ! May i will implement it! Thanks for the idea!

Hi! Thanks for the comment and feedback!

Hi! Thanks for the Info! 

I see if I have time!

thank u :)

dont know that game :)

Great one! Thats  hardcore pixel action!^^

Its a funny idea! 

But i think, the dog moves a bit to slow.

(More like a drunk dog xD) my best score: 20, not much but okay ^^

Okay this is a Hard game ^^ but cool

My time is 7Minutes xD

thank u :)

Oh hey srry didnt see ur comment,

Thanks for playing...yes i will make a level guide in the future..

The demo ends after the first Tower.

richtig entspannend!

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You can delete it with esc :)

Thanks by the way for playing!

there is a helpfile with picture where you can get more paracreats :)

hi thanks for you comment and for playing my Game :) i will fix the dash on the next Demo :)