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kartezjusz2009, your feedback is so much appreciated. I had no idea why people try the game once and never come back. I don't have a tutorial yet, so people cant figure out how to play the game.. obvious, right :)

You destroy trees & stones, but you don't gather them
You can press "i" on keyboard or tap on the "bag icon" to open your inventory. On mobile/tablet you tap on anything to select or to do anything. There you have a Stone Pick. Select it by clicking on it then select any of the Quick Menu slots at the bottom of the screen. Now you can activate the Stone Pick by using 1,2..6 keys on the keyboard, depends on which slot you've moved it to. You can put it away buy selecting the same stuff again on the Quick Menu.

I was able to gather some berries, but I couldn't eat them
You can gather berries by hand, and wood and stone by using your Stone Pick. You can "punch out" trees and rocks now, but thats a bug. You need to move the berries from your Inventory to Quick Menu to eat them. Same way as you did with the Stone Pick. Once the berry is on the Quick Menu, use the corresponding key, "1,2.. 6" or tap on it on mobile.

Where can I find some water? Rain would be perfect :)
Stand in water and left click.

How to escape/fight with the reptiles?
You need a Stone Pick at least in your hand, and left click. I would keep moving back at the same time. With a Spear you have a better chance or with any higher level weapon. Some weapons can be used form further away to gain some extra hits before the raptor catches up with you. You can also outrun them by holding shift - not the Allosaurus.  I may mention it here that you can craft by pressing "i" for Inventory then click on the "Crafting Tab" to access the crafting menu. You can also craft in certain stations, like Workbench. You open a Workbench by standing close, facing it then pressing "e" on the keyboard. Same goes for Campfire and cooking.

Sometimes I got a glitch. I could went inside into a stone or go through a dino.
Thanks, I'll fix that soon.

And there was a problem with using multiplayer and friend invitation (please double check connections)
If you could provide me with any details I would really appreciate it. I believe it works but Im sure I know something that is not self explanatory, therefore people can get stuck on it.

Sometimes I had plain island, without any trees or stones. I think that it was because (temporary) slow internet connection. Consider catching data.
Some people get this the first time they load the game, unfortunately I never experienced it myself so its hard to fix it but I will do my best to get it done soon.

Hope the game will expand, because it seems to be a very good idea :)
There is a ton of stuff in it - well hidden as it turned out :) - but Im keep adding new stuff to it. Probably will address them here in the "Devlog" or in the game somewhere, but if you have any recommendation, Im open to suggestions! :)

Again, I really appreciate your detailed feedback and if there is anything else I can help you with, don't hesitate to comment again.

It runs smoothly on mobile as well! Keep up the good work ;)