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And then, if you get enough people to play the game, mystman12 might be inspired by your idea if it's good enough.

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No, but you probably can decompile the game into a project with this useful tool made with Unity.

hMMmmMm Baldi reminds me of my teacher...

Can I add nightmare fuel??

Or, you can extract the downloaded zip to a folder and run the exe.

Click on 1.3 changelog and click download. The changes aren't THAT much intense, as it's just a small update.

He should make touchscreen edition for PC tablets and android

Try to restart your computer. If that doesn't work, it must be a bad graphics card, which I can't help you with.

Nah, I think he should just reverse engineer the code and recompile it, like many unity modders out there. C# isa good programming language to program in. screen,cursorLock = true; was the best solution I could find. It's a link to download a "fixed" version of the game. Buuut it's 1.3 and not 1.3.1.

New character leak??? Its texture is named "filename2"

They got a linux release now thankfully.

Probably because mouse lock code

You can make mods too by modifying the C# code with DNSpy. Open Assembly-CSharp.dll in BALDI_Data/Managed

Unity is what the engine Baldi's Basics runs off of. From that, you can port it to many devices and consoles so everybody can enjoy it.


Use the links, not the launch button.

"Seeing as it was pretty simple to implement, I might make a proper options menu with more settings in the future."

You didn't add lock mouse... LOL

I have a solution. Just use

Screen.cursorLock = true;

in Assembly-CSharp.dll

Dude, I went past 2 notebooks and it took 5 minutes for baldi to find me!!

It's because you're not clicking on more and clicking "Run anyways".

There's an annoying robot thing that says he wants to hug you

Maybe if he clicks on Linux Build Support in his unity download manager then, maybe you can root the chromebook and install the linux version.

I think that's how you do it.

Mystman hasn't made a build yet. Otherwise, consider rooting your Chromebook and install Windows 98 on a virtual machine.


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I'm about to upload a bugfix mod for the game (yes I used DNSpy). I know he kind of doesn't care and he'd wanna fix it himself but I'm gonna straight out give him the code.

Screen.cursorLock = true;

Screen.cursorLock = false;

Lol thanks Google.

Now you may download:

You can comment on this file and download it too, if you'd like. I beat mystman12 to a bugfix! xD

Ignore the risk. Baldi's Basics is not a virus. Why would this game be a virus, you've seen other people play it before? Click run anyways and never show this again.

I'm only disappointed because Baldi is faster and I can barely get to 4 notebooks


You did gr8 come here and get your prize! A bunch of ANGRY BALDIS!!!

I found a voice message from mystman in the game's level files.


OH jeebers! You found me! Good job. I'm glad you found me. Well I have something important to say. [loud noise] It's about the game [loud noise] don't [loud noise] aaa ughh [loud noise] don't [loud noise] Well this is getting kind of getting ridiculous [loud noise] Don't try it on me like that, this game! It will show your location to yourself. Destroy it. Destroy the game. Before I disintergrate. What I'm saying is [loud noise] you get out of this, while you still can (lol) {loud noise]. No. No. I'm not saying someone is trapped inside the game, no. That would be the biggest. You can't there's a lock. The game was [weird noise that is also loud]. [Silence for one minute]


But wait, don't you need a numpad too? Maybe mystman needs to start making controllers named the 5" controller! (because baldi measured it)

Idk if this will help, but it might be your anti-virus. Go to Windows Defender and see if it deleted it.

Wait. Left click and right click at the same time. It's weird because you have to time it right.

I wish there was a way to lessen the difficulty, becaus emy highscore in endless mode is always 3 and I can never get higher than that.

You have to left click and right click almost at the same time but at seperate times. Hope this didn't confuse you!

Move your mouse around like crazy a bit, and then right click.

Click run anyways.

Endless mode is hARD

Do you have the Mono folder? If you don't, you need it.

If you try full screen and alt+tab your way around programs it will function the same as windowed., except you can't drag the game windo around.