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I found a voice message from mystman in the game's level files.


OH jeebers! You found me! Good job. I'm glad you found me. Well I have something important to say. [loud noise] It's about the game [loud noise] don't [loud noise] aaa ughh [loud noise] don't [loud noise] Well this is getting kind of getting ridiculous [loud noise] Don't try it on me like that, this game! It will show your location to yourself. Destroy it. Destroy the game. Before I disintergrate. What I'm saying is [loud noise] you get out of this, while you still can (lol) {loud noise]. No. No. I'm not saying someone is trapped inside the game, no. That would be the biggest. You can't there's a lock. The game was [weird noise that is also loud]. [Silence for one minute]



This is probably a hidden character, I don't know if you know about FNAF but it might be the phone guy for this game? Or the new character? oof, gonna have to check it out myself.

So I found something neat this video shows a new "secret ending" and the charecter says what you the file says.