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It would be nice if you could test it once it's implemented! Other than that I guess there is not much :D

Hi! Yes, we're still looking into this :)

We would love to be more accessible and this plugin does look promising!

we made it in one evening basically :D 

It sounds like your mouse has a double-click problem. Do you have a laptop and use a touchpad? No driver issues there?

thank you!

Awesome idea!

damn this is cool

thank you! <3

aw sorry x_x

Pressing spacebar resets the current word you're typing  :)

Just pick one word you want to type out and then do that till completion. If you make a mistake, then just start over and/or press spacebar.

Thank you!

This game doesn't have a save system. It's a short 15-20 minute game made for a game jam :)

Sorry x_x

I think we implemented a failsafe, but I can't remember anymore what happens... :D

Thank you for playing and thanks for the video :3

Thank you! <3

Awh sorry about that! x_x

It's a game jam game, we didn't have that much time to balance out the gameplay, unfortunately.

well... life is hard, sometimes! all of the game is based on our own personal experiences (not verbatim, but close enough). and... yeah. sometimes it's even a huge effort to get pants on.

There's a devlog now! ^_^

Hi! Sorry but no, we can't offer you a free key of Death and Taxes on Steam. We are glad you like the game though and hope you have happy holidays! :)

thanks! <3

No worries! :D 

you just smash the Z key like it owes you money

The intro sequence is unskippable unfortunately x_x you just have to wait till it ends.

You might have to reload the tab if it takes more than two minutes.

Ohhhhhhh daaaang, okay, I will look into this! I thought the packaged builds were seamlessly integrated with the client, too. This is good info.

I'll keep you posted!

Yep! There's many more areas in the game to discover, and 8 more characters to talk to, all fully voiced and quirky af :)

The full game lasts for 28 in-game days, during which there can be a lot of stuff happening, with 4 unique endings and many different variations of endings inbetween that.

Hey! Thank you so much for letting us know *__*

I watched the video and loved it :D You play quite analytically and that was fun to see, seems like you had a good time as well.

haha thank you!

it's always nice to see a local face  :)

Thank you for playing! <3

Thank you so much * _ *

Very happy to hear you liked it!

Thank you for your feedback <3

And you make very fair points!

It's nice to see that even to this day people enjoy this little jam game :3

Thank you for making a video *_*

This is such a lovely game ^_^

I had a blast playing, it hit the perfect vein of Zen for me :3

Cute game with addicting mechanics! Also, the sounds are really nice.

Not sure. We have no control over the hosting. Have you tried logging out and back in to your itch account?

That's a question for the support :)

We don't know anything about it, unfortunately.

Good info, thank you! ^_^

Hi everyone!

We have quite many new reports over the game not starting and we've received extremely helpful reports (thanks folks!) to help diagnose the issues.

Here are a few things to try:

1. Update your Graphics Card drivers

A quick google search for your graphics card model should do the trick! Depending on what manufacturer you have, you will be looking for Intel (integrated), Nvidia (dedicated) or AMD (integrated/dedicated) drivers. You can find your graphics card model as follows:

2. If you have a dedicated graphics card, try forcing your computer to use it. Here's a handy guide:

If the problem persists, send me your log files!

They can be found here:

Windows: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Placeholder Gameworks\Death and Taxes\

They're called Player.log and Player-prev.log. Send them to

I'll see what I can do to help :)

Ahh damn, well, I'm glad you have a backup at least ^_^