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The writing and layout give off the right vibes.  The rules look to be just enough to work with without getting in the way.
I can't wait to pull up the playlist and play this game.
Can we get the pages separated for home booklet printing?

A generous set of tables with ideas on how to deal with the dreaded cell phone problem in horror. The ideas range from ways to minimize phone's effectiveness to integrating phones into the horror/mystery to utilizing them in the fight against the horror.  Each entry has more than enough detail to give readers everything necessary for immediate use at the table. The ideas are both clever and well thought out in the ways they give the players options and narrative integration.

The diecut cover is A+++.

Me too, add me to the list (again) although now probably isn't the best timing.

I'm down for a physical copy if you want to expand your print order.

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I offer my free game if making the number go up helps attract more eyes and donations I'd be happy to help and be included.

Add me to the physical copy list please.

That's it, that's the game.

I made this in about an hour before the jam closed.  I had an idea to create an oracle deck but didn't have the time or skill to pull it off.

I just read through this and it is 100% on my wavelength.  "Comfortable Fantasy" has entered my lexicon and will likely be a cornerstone.
This could easily be the framework for a cozy pastoral game.

Not going to lie, I had almost the exact same idea but didn't follow through when I found the title I was going to use had already been used by an existing game. 

I like it and glad you made something showing the vastness and emptiness of space.

No, no. Just showing astonishment and respect.  I think this is great.

Programming is magic.

Thanks all!

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Hi everyone.  I'm super excited to put my ideas down on digital paper.  I don't have Illustrator/Indesign...  What is the most common digital format for business cards to both print at home and upload for professional printing?
Looking around it seems most everything is supported through online printing sites.  Is everyone using their most familiar tool and printing to pdf or screen capturing?   What font size is the smallest and still legible, 8?
Mostly I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something super obvious.


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Added at the final minute, the idea is there but the use of 200 words and instructions could use another pass.  I updated the number of index cards required as I mistyped on the submission form.

Apologies for the rush job, but it was a rush job. Now back to real life responsibilities.
Everything is there except the polish. I'd like to come back for editing/layout but currently have no ETA.
The threats in the prompts mirror real world issues facing whales today.  The journey is to be an analogue for whale migration but also do double duty for climate migration.  The increasing success die forces the other players to lend a hand showing none of us can do this on our own.
Thanks for looking.

Major jealous of this.  Not only your layout/design which is top notch, but I've had a similar idea I haven't been able to work with.

Great work.

Thanks for looking.  Let me know if there is anything to fix/improve.

I originally wanted to completely replace health with cover but couldn't reconcile how I expected it to play out with my intent.  So now you get a slight re-theme with lower HP to discourage direct combat and a soft clock to keep everything moving (cover). 

I'm glad I am finally able to put something out into the wild even as untested and half-formed as it is.

No notification until now :(