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Amazing ambiance, and great gameplay packed into such a small package. Brings back flashbacks of Another World, Prince of Persia and Axiom Verge.  Well done!

I can't rate this, but wanted to share :) Will play more!

Congrats on the game! I find it via the PICO-8 forums. Is the source code you uploaded the full game instead of the minified version, and can we play it on a dedicated PICO-8 machine? I liked the minified version but there's a lot I don't understand and was hoping that the full version would have a tutorial and instructions to help, but wanted to check?

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Of course:) Thanks for the reply!

+1 on the cartridge request. Any chance you could share it or upload it to the BBS so it could be played on Pico-8? Have a great week!

Thanks! The link is indeed dead by now. Any chance you could re-share it or upload it to the BBS? Thanks and keep up the great work:)