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Yeah, I realized that it had excessive motion blur on a friends machine... maybe it also doesn't adapt to the resolution. Sorry for the headache :(

Oh, I really dig the battle system. This could go really far like they did with Undertale. Also, thanks for not killing my sorry ass when dropping to 0 hearts haha.

I just switched to the Bow, cause I really liked the Arc that the player shoots. Maybe you could even explore that further? With slower speeds for the arrows, so that you have to more estimate where the enemies will be. The Audio was Kinda glitched on my machine though :< Other than that I spent more time than I would have thought. So, good job!!

That's a really really cool idea. I think one of the most interesting ideas I've seen in this jam thus far. Kinda reminds me of a weapon system one might see in the Souls series. At the moment you can cheese it by just keep blocking with both hands and then slashing sometimes. But I'm sure with some restrictions for the player you can eliminate that. Also I didn't feel much difference between the weapons. But other than that, really, really cool. I hope you can polish it a bit. Maybe even make it 1 on 1 multiplayer? Kinda like Nidhog.

very nice polish :D. What Engine did u use?