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I've with the minor tweaks, some of the problems you've pointed are solved. They are explained in this devlog

The game is a great jam entry and stays with the theme. However, in my case (at least) the gunshot of helpers were louder than that of player. Try to make it such that the intensity of sound has an inverse square relation with distance between player and helper. The sprite art was very simple, which is okay in jam but make sure to update those.

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Thanks for your feedback, I'll work on the cons to improve the game.

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The Windows port is now available. You can download it right from the devlog

Due to some problems with Windows Mono support, I wasn't able to create Windows version. I'll be posting about this on devlog as soon as Windows version is ready.

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Thank you Jupiter_Hadley for your video.

That was a short, good text-based game. Reminded me of the 2k bug.

I like the low poly graphics and the overall presentation is good. It's an abstract interactive experience. You're awesome, guys! 

Thanks Spudcats for your video.

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Thanks Lithium for your feedback. The soundtrack is not mine, I've downloaded it from this site. I coudln't make it because of limited time, I've done the rest.