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Pixel Rabbit

A member registered Mar 18, 2020

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Very challenging but getting the hang of it. Just one more go....

Very nice. you should make an "endless runner" version of this and slap it on Play Store etc.

Nice, High score 10952

Nooo! Sorry totally love this concept. Thought DCB would be a great next project. Yours Sincerely, PR :)

This is a brilliant mechanic. has it been done before or an original idea? Would be a winner on mobile I reckon

Nice, certainly a challenge. It does feel like one of those obscure carts that were tough to start but strangely addictive. Well done!

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Super nice game. Caught my eye immediately. Kind of reminds me of SMB, graphics and game play are inspirational to a newb developer like me. Simple gameplay and highly addictive... now I'll just have one more try... :) Well done!

Brilliant idea, what's next Dystopian Care Bears ? Love it!

Nice... simple, retro and addictive!

Nice, I actually watched your youtube video a couple of days ago! Great to actually have a go :)

Nice, I finished the game, more levels please :)

Classic! Love this straight up arcade genre.

PS. My highest level reached is 32, beat that if you can :)

First game I ever wrote or published so do me a massive and give it a try. 

Runs great on Windows and would love to hear if it's OK on MAC or Linux

Praise and constructive criticism greatly appreciated!!!

Music by @Ben_Burnes

Enjoy :)

Nice, really like it.