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Emergence community · Created a new topic Differences

What are the biggest differences between this and the free version?

Is there a user manual available to read through the workflow type and what the engine provides in detail before I make a purchase decision?

GameFlow community · Created a new topic Needs Maintenance

This thing doesn't work properly in Unity 2021. Just trying to follow the basics in the documentation results in adding an "On Start" block that can't be clicked in and disappears/reappears. Not sure why this thing hasn't been maintained for current versions of Unity.

Oh well. Reading through the documentation it looks like working with this thing would be more complicated than just scripting like normal in Unity anyway.

This is super handy. Changing the grid size in most editors is a pain.

Thanks heaps!

Wait, you Australian? I live in Sydney. Got my own YouTube channel for music and composing.

Yeah the doc pretty much covers everything, thanks. Very thorough.

It's interesting how this program functions halfway between programs like Laconic and Dialogue Designer, where one is based on RPG style text boxes and the other on connected nodes.

Thanks! You did a great job.

Yeah this tool looks great but there's no way I'm throwing $45 to RNGesus if there's a chance this thing's not being maintained properly.

This is really neat. It's activating the part of my brain that attracted me to bubblegum dispensers as a child.

This thing isn't just a must have for people creating packages for RPG Maker, it's also one of the only editors that lets you stamp your tiles where you want. It offers more features than similar programs charging $20.

If you're checking this out, it's a must have.

Tile Map Editor community · Created a new topic Export

This is a great little map editor - the only reason I don't actively use it however is because it desperately needs the ability to export to png and json. So far the options are only "map", "level" and "retro map data".

Mire Engine community · Created a new topic Giving Up?'

Never give up on what you love. I've been making music and running a youtube channel for years and most of my subs refuse to support me, either via Patreon or by simply buying a 2 dollar album. It makes me upset and makes want to quit all the time, but I refuse to quit.

I simply refuse.

You should refuse as well. There's no reason to let unkindness win against you, just keep doing what you love no matter what anyone says.

Sono determinato a vivere.

Download link is broken.

This is actually really fun to use. There's so many paid programs like this that put priority on stupidly complex GUIs with a billion things on the screen. This program understands that simple is better.

Maybe I'm just dumb, but for me, setting up autotiling for my top down ground tiles with this was like pulling teeth. With Godot and Unity I just drag the tileset in, select the bitmask areas and it's done. Tiled and LDtk feel like prep-heavy workflows in comparison. Maybe I'm wrong?

It's a different kind of generator in New Zealand.

Just a heads up for Australian customers - you're better off buying this product on the main website because you'll save nearly 20 bucks when converting the 79 Euros as opposed to the 99 USD.

TIC-80 community · Replied to Nesbox in WIP?


PowerQuest community » General · Created a new topic Comparison

I wonder if anyone has a decent amount of experience with this and Adventure Creature for Unity. I'd be interested to know just how much can be done in 2D here compared to Adventure Creature before I go spending 80 bucks on that package. I'd mostly be making a life sim/RPG.

drafft community · Created a new topic Spellcheck

Does Drafft have an option for spellchecking in UK English? So far I haven't found such an option and it's annoying being told that my spelling is incorrect all the time. I've already added about 30 words to the dictionary.

What is the scope of this engine? For example, let's say I want to make a full length 2d life sim/RPG. Would I eventually run into problems with the upper limits of the engine or can it handle it?

TIC-80 community · Replied to Nesbox in WIP?

On the page under "pro features" it mentions exporting without the editor and another feature with WIP at the end of the sentence.

TIC-80 community · Created a new topic WIP?

Not sure I feel comfortable paying for the pro features when they're a "WIP" and the last update was in mid 2021...

A lot of the time on Itch you just have to open your wallet and pray to RNGesus.

Does the tool allow you to drag in multiple images to make one big tilesheet with them all in it?

What are the recommended specs for this program?

Yeah, no clue what I'm doing. Downloaded it, clicked on install, something flashed on the screen for a tenth of a second. I've got my dunce hat on, running on Windows 11. I'm used to programs like Dragonruby or Folia where you write code in any text editor you like then run a single executable to see your results.

That's the trend with plugin makers who migrated over from MV to MZ.
For example, Yanfly abandoned all their Patreon supporters to create the ludicrously priced "Visu Stella" toy plugins for MZ that get endlessly spammed all over Itch's storefront. Meanwhile all the original free Yanfly MV plugins were wiped from existence and sold back to everyone on a new site. Classy.

I've left MV and MZ and gone back to VX Ace lol. It was always a better engine with better supported plugins.

I don't think anyone would want to capture their screen as well as the drawing, just the drawing. Everything underneath is just a reference while you draw, essentially. You can always use ctrl+prt sc for screenshots lol.

I don't know much about creating apps, but would it be a solution to have an 'export' button that makes a checkerboard alpha transparency layer that automatically activates underneath all the other layers at 100% opacity, then you click on a 'save as' button which opens the file directory to save as png, bmp etc?

I'm only new to this whole coding thing so I don't know what's easier/harder depending on what language you're using and what lines of code you'd have to change.

Folia community · Created a new topic Exporting

When  you say "bundle up" all the files contained to put a finished story up on Itch or other places, I assume you mean basically re-zipping all the files in the Folia folder (the Folia.exe file, the finished story.lua file and all the added assets) and offering it for download?

That would mean I'd keep my original Folia zip file from Itch for creating new VNs and such, right?

GBSL community · Created a new topic Usage

This seems cool but I'm trying to imagine what it could  be used for other than printing things to the screen... ? Like it'd be awesome to be able to build an app or small game with this kind of language.

No probs lol. I think saving/exporting would be a must have, but I also have two more suggestions that would make the program a powerful tool:

a - The ability to export a png of just a selected area (this would require adding a selection tool obviously).

b - Layers with opacity sliders. This may be harder to implement (or not, I really don't know) but it would allow users to rotoscope super easily. Then they could export each layer to a png and use something like Krita/Aseprite to touch up/add colour and pack to a sprite sheet.

Very convenient, but no way to save/export drawing as png? Otherwise I feel like I've just thrown my drawing away.

Wasn't sure about this one, but finally took the plunge.

I gotta say, having a fast lightweight game engine that runs as you code is pretty motivating. With Dragonruby on the left and SciTE on the right it's like having a framework that runs on instant coffee. I love Godot, especially for larger projects, but for smaller projects this engine packs dual wielded pistols and a katana.

Okay... I have no clue in the slightest how to use this thing, what files to access or what any of it does. I've tried to figure it out by going through everything, including the github 'instructions' multiple times. From what I've read on this page this seems like an accessible tool at least, but boy was I wrong. Nothing I try works.

Is this in fact a 'code only' program with no built in editors?

Because it doesn't appear to be so looking at this page.

I suggest if you're going to put up a promising page and charge $15 for a program then you might want to provide some documentation that explains how to get started with the program at least. At the moment I'm deeply regretting the purchase.

Another crash when I typed some dialog into the first and second key then clicked on the tree view.

Is there any proper documentation for this program? I have absolutely no idea how to use this thing. I've messed around adding text in the main window, "event" window etc. and even got an error message when typing in one of the choice windows.

I am utterly confused and kind of regretting the purchase.

Clicked on create new branch in a new empty project, program crashed. Running on Windows 11.

Now THIS is what I'm talkin' about.