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Perfect! Hopefully it works better now.

Also if you have any feedback about the game feel free to share we would really appreciate any feedback on the game :)



Hello TronTron,

The update is live so give that a go.



"Why would I need an internet connection when I am playing local multiplayer with 4 people?"

In the version you have now, you had to because the way I implemented networking required it. But, in the new version you only require internet if you are in the "Online Multiplayer" menu. So once you have the new version you won't need a connection.

"The controllers were connected before the game. I'm sure I installed all drivers too."

If you were able to use the controllers in any point of the game then you must have done it correctly.

The best thing to do is check back after 10pm AEST and the game will be updated on and we can see from there.

Sorry for the issues either way, and thank you for reporting it.

Let me know how you go here or join the discord and we can chat there.



Ok so I downloaded the version and the problem could be unrelated to the controllers. Is it possible your internet is disconnecting, because in this version the local multiplayer still connects to the server even though the game is offline (the new version doesn't do this), and when you disconnect it forces you to the main menu. Does this sound correct?

When you say it didn't work do you mean the controller wouldn't input anything? Could you get the controllers moving in the menu screens/joined in the lobby?

Also, did you plug in the controllers/let drivers install before starting the game?

As a side note I have tested Xbox 1 wireless/wired and Xbox 360 wired controllers. So I hope it's not the wireless 360 controllers causing problems.



Hello TronTron,

Which Xbox controllers are you using? 360/1? and are they wired or wireless?

Also the game is being updated tonight with a huge amount of changes, so it could be fixed, but I want to test it to be sure.

Kind regards,

Pixel Engineers

Thank you Leafo, really appreciate it!


Gather your friends and prepare to scream! Whether you are hunting or sneaking, you will soon be sitting desperately on the edge of your seat, in this manic game of hide and seek.

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