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Here are a few I've been jamming to lately:

ASHLEY SERENA - "The Witch's Daughter"

SKÁLD - "Rún" (Rune)

FAUN - "Walpurgisnacht"

VAN CANTO - "The Bardcall"


KATE BUSH - "My Lagan Love"

Thanks to previous Procjams (and SEEDS), I have become fascinated with procedural generation. Definitely entering this year (missed the deadline on the last one). I have a few ideas and questions:

(1) I've been thinking of starting a jam tentatively called "Generating Infinity", a longer term jam to create interest in procedural generation. Do you have any tips / advice? I came up with the idea partly because I hadn't seen Procjam return yet in 2020. (Generating Infinity will suggest people enter Procjam too.)

(2) I am working right now on a jam entry for a tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG) jam. Are you accepting entries based on procedural content creation for physical games as well as digital (such as card, deck and map building systems, character generation rules, etc)? I think there may be some physical game devs who would be interested that concept.

I'm noticing a lack of themed vector asset packs specifically for tabletop and physical card game developers and players, so I'm making one - O.W.L. stands for "Open-ended Witches' Library".


* Decorative elements for rulebooks
* Iconic symbols - familiars, tools, spells, astrology, plants, mythological creatures, etc.
* Terrain and object tiles at various scales, to create printable maps with
* Card deck frames and elements, front and back
* List of all elements in the pack (text file or .pdf)

This will be an ongoing project - "version 1.0" for this jam. I'm working in Affinity Designer and Inkscape, exporting as SVG. Designs will be mostly in monochrome for now with more full color work to come later.

If anyone has any comments / suggestions / requests please let me know.

Hi, everyone. I am brainstorming some artwork for this jam, but also wanted to say I posted a link to it on Reddit at "WitchesVsPatriarchy" (196K members)  to drum up some more interest. Hopefully it helps.

Swimming theme shows up twice -listed as  #5 and #14.

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A couple of engines I've tried, beyond the existing list:

App Game Kit (AGK)

Commercial game engine. Exports to your desktop OS (Windows, MacOS, Linux), Android, iOS, HTML 5, Raspberry PI. Makes 2D and 3D applications. Think of coding in a BASIC type language, with tons of commands for input, images, animation, particles, physics, VR, etc. Engine can also be used with C++.


Free, open source engine. Visual interface, objects can be assigned scripted behaviors, very easy to use.  Looks similar to Construct or Clickteam Fusion. Version 5 (Beta) is aimed at HTML5 games, Version 4 (stable) exports to your desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux),  Android (experimental) and HTML5.

A couple more I have NOT personally used, but they are popular (both commercial engines):

Construct 2 and 3

Clickteam Fusion 2.5

This is a blast (pun intended).

Cute and fun to play.

Congratulations! Such a simple game, but I find it kind of addicting. I've never felt so concerned about the emotional welfare of clothing.

A thread for links to procedural generation methods and implementation studies.

The following links will open in a new tab:

Procedural Content Generation wiki
Algorithms for Procedural Content Generation

Gamasutra: A Procedural Dungeon Generation Algorithm

Gamasutra: Generating Procedural Flowers

Video Presentations and Tutorials (embedded):

This is fun and addicting. I like the graphics style (especially the stylized way you represent space). I see you are trying to make this game as language independent as possible with the use of icons - mostly it works well, but I was confused for a moment when the upgrades maxed out. Overall, great job.

Smooth movement, great effects, I thoroughly enjoy playing this game. Kudos for making this solo.

I had a lot of fun with this. Impressive work, especially given the time constraints.


Done: Title screen, menu, major game graphics, randomized explosion effects, basic player controls.

Still to do: player health system, enemy attack wave coding, sound, polish.

Learning a lot by trying to do so much in a week!

Thanks. That was fun!

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Hi everyone. This is my first game jam, and my first devlog.

Working Title: Ad Aqua Per Astra!

"2167: 24 billion humans inhabit Earth and the asteroid colonies. Humanity seeks resources, food, and especially water. Then - we found the ocean planet Ichthyon. Unfortunately, so did the Nihhus ... "

Humans have constructed a three part station on Ichthyon - an underwater mining/scientific facility, a freighter platform in geosynchronous orbit, and a "space elevator" connecting them. The player assumes the role of daring pilot Sara Kortiri, using a submersible space fighter to defend the base from a Nihhus invasion in space, in the air, or in the ocean!

The Nihhus are an alien mix of crocodile, octopus and megalomaniac. Led by the ferocious Major General Moddin, their attack waves will be devious and unrelenting.

Game Style: Shmup with a few twists.

Art Style: Slightly cartoonish.

Platform: Windows

Engine: Game Maker Studio 1.4