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What about only being able to stand on them, but not have them land on you?

Key rebinding and controller support is planned, I’m not sure about mouse input. I will absolutely try and come up with a new default control scheme, maybe not following the jam limitations, post-jam.

I hadn’t considered that the controls may cause issues like that, I do intend to add an option for rebinding the controls post-jam.

I think that I may update it to where the player cannot collide with the cubes. In the meantime, you can pickup the cube if it is above you.

Another amazing tool! Keep up the great work, this is awesome!

The game also works with a controller if you connect some to your computer. Sorry that the layout doesn’t work for you.

That’s what I meant, thanks for the clarification.

These controls, they are recommended but not required, no points will be deducted right?

“Us” being the collective Lospec hive mind, yes I’m excited.

Awesome game! Controls are a little finicky but playable. I’m glad that you included multiple camera modes.

Amazing game, easy to play. Hibow is a great example of what is possible using VR; surprisingly not disorienting. 10/10

Lovely style, great game. Each turn I take has me wondering what enemy I’ll encounter and how I’ll take them out. 10/10

Amazing game! Y’all did a great job with this. 10/10

Great game! Surprisingly easy to play and not disorienting. 10/10

SynthVR is a wonderful game with great potential. Add in a keyboard and the ability for people to have concerts and you’ve got a real winner.

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I’m going to be using the Godot engine; it’s the one that I know best. I think that it going to make a DOOM-esque Sci-Fi shooter.

EDIT: New plan, make a VR shooter about piloting robots to fight aliens. I just bought a Quest 2 so why not use it! Still using the Godot engine.

I’m not sure about this jam specifically, but it’s usually not allowed.

What do you mean by references?

I ended up using the rigid body to detect the collision and it works great. Thanks for the advice!

Thanks for the response, I think that I’ll use the rigid body itself for detections.

Hi! I think that it’s amazing that you are doing this for the community. You mentioned having experience with Godot and I just so happen to be using that. How would I detect when a rigidbody 2D is colliding with something and what that something is?

Thanks for the quick response.

I’m wondering if we are able to submit games that where originally made for another jam.

Looks so cool! A Linux port would be amazing!

Great game! Simple but fun!

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Amazing game, I'd love to see another one like it with a little more control

Great tool!

Awesome game, keep it up.

This is awesome!

Awesome game!