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Thanks so much for the feedback! You were right about running out of time on the art, it was the main reason as to why my ""beautiful"" programmer art made it into the final version of the game. I ended up spending about an hour making sounds, but I'm still pretty satisfied with how they turned out.

As for the levels, I hated myself for deciding to go with 100 levels while I was making this game, but I'm glad now and I'd say they turned out pretty well. The first 50 levels took forever to make because they were pretty much just teaching the player about the enemies. However, I was able to knock out the last 50 in 2 hours because they were all just amped up/harder versions of the first 50 levels.

I'm glad that the difficulty felt right and that you enjoyed my game!

Hey, thanks so much for playing! I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and that the difficulty felt right. I agree that I could've definitely toned down the spamming attacks.

As for learning that you can reflect arrows, the hallway was so small that you had to take damage if you didn't hit the arrow back. I hoped it would've caused the player to try and attack it, but I suppose that didn't work out. At least you ended up learning after all those archers I put in there :P.

Do other HTML5 games work?


Oh, no worries! It is somewhat similar to Don't Touch the Spikes. Thanks for the feedback, my good man.

I am quite familiar with the game, elaborate on it being a clone, my good sir. I don't mean to come off as rude, just simply inquiring thy opinion.

Explain thyself

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No idea what happened with that. I set the voting end date to what was stated, but I guess it never happened. I'm really sorry about that.

Sorry for taking so long to respond, I forgot to respond when I first saw it.

Your method of upscaling is valid. As for the colors, try your best to get them as close as possible, but it's alright if you can't exactly match them.

Great! Game jams are perfect for experimenting with creative concepts.

As long as you keep the palette and resolution, you'll be fine.

Yup, just submit the game, no extra info needed.

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Is your problem with submitting your game? Because to do that, you go on the jam page and click "Submit your project". You have to upload normally first, then you select it in the drop down menu when you click the button.

It was stated that you may use fair use content made by other people, which includes fonts.

Yup, you can use all of them at the same time.

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There won't be any theme, you just have to make a game with the NES resolution and color palette. Which means that you can make pretty much anything as long as you follow those rules.

Yes! Let me update the jam page right now.

I really enjoyed this game! It was a lot of fun to play around with the movement and such. Also, I had no problem with running it on Chrome, if that helps.

This game is good.

What? The developer shouldn't post good comments on his own page? Die.

troooangles, MORE LIKE


Really cool stuff, man! Great work