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Very cool game, I enjoyed the ball shooter animation! I notice when you aim above the map the ball gets lost and you have to press the home key to restart the level. Other than that looking great!


I like Tower Defense games. Click on the tower you want and place it on the map. Has 3 different towers to choose from and a cool power up that goes on cooldown once you use it.

I'll let you know when project is available. Thank you

Hello how many animations dose this include?

Awesome I just saw it. Looks good! Thank you for the example.

Just wondering if you do paid work as well?

Nice tileset! Can you make a example level to show how you would use your tileset?

Thank you for the extra animations, you're a real good pixel artist keep up the good work!

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I just bought this a little while ago. Awesome Work! 
A wall slide would be perfect if you can fit it in your schedule. Thanks for the cool work you provide.

Do you have an email I can contact you for payed work?