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Pixel Poison

A member registered Feb 12, 2016

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Rife-App 3.20 community · Created a new topic User Manual

Hi, I just purchased this software. I'm excited to use it, but I'd like to know if there's an instruction document that goes with it at all. I've had a look in the downloaded file but I can't find a readme or anything. 

Can anyone tell me what input files I should be using? Does it have to be a video file? Am i able to input a sprite sheet or anything? I'm wanting to know the best way to take an animation from Aseprite and run it through Rife. 

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help :)

Great little five minute break from my work! Well done

I got these bad boys for my project this morning. I was planning on switching them for something more permanent and exclusive to my game before I publish, but honestly I might just keep them in, they are that good!!!

Just to say, I gor these for my current project. I might change them before publication, but I really gotta say, the value for money here is ridiculously good! There's so many sprites to choose from! Love it!

Any way we can get a short preview of some of the tracks?