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Rife-App 3.20

Sucessor of Dain-App. Interpolate videos using AI · By GRisk

User Manual

A topic by Pixel Poison created Jun 07, 2021 Views: 671 Replies: 4
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Hi, I just purchased this software. I'm excited to use it, but I'd like to know if there's an instruction document that goes with it at all. I've had a look in the downloaded file but I can't find a readme or anything. 

Can anyone tell me what input files I should be using? Does it have to be a video file? Am i able to input a sprite sheet or anything? I'm wanting to know the best way to take an animation from Aseprite and run it through Rife. 

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help :)

Developer (1 edit)

Hi there, yeah, a TXT as a manual is a good idea, will try to add it on a future update.

The input can be one or multiple video/gif/PNG

If you want to do a PNG sequence, put all PNG in a single folder and select a single PNG from that folder. The application will try to sort all files in a sequence, so the name should be something like 0001 0002 0003 etc

For now spritesheets don't work, perhaps in the future.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask in here. 

Hi GRisk,
Would you happen to have a video on how to get up and running?
I keep running into issues following the manual b/c I am an idiot.  


Sorry for the late reply, if you have any expecific question, I can answer in here, for now there is no video tutorial =/

Hi, am trying it on some black and white line drawings but can't find the right settings to get a clean interpolation...png attached as an example.