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Sure! I can do that. Let's move to discord 

Yep. I just added it on my post

Yes I do, I just added it on the post.

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well I usually don't do pixel art so, I think the job is not a good fit to me. But I can help you if you need anything else that is not pixel art  (ex. cover art ) 

Sure, I can do that

Could you clarify what you mean by that ? Did you mean character design , animated sprite , character illustration etc.

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Do BG and building have to be Pixel Art ?

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So you know how to make a game but you have no clue how to make a decent looking art.

Not a problem!

I'm a 2D artist, and I'm here to help you finish your project !

Check out my previous works on my portfolio here

If you have additional questions about me or my work please feel free to send an email to

or my discord PisitArt#5243

and that's it! Thank you for your time .

Cool Project! If  you need help with Character Design or Illustration , Please let me know .

How large is the scope of your game ?

One of the best in this jam so far.