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The browser version works perfectly on mobile, it would be really nice if the paid version was also available in browser. (If anyone else is reading this and wants a work around, on ios you can install koder, download the game, open the files app, copy the folder “nightfall-incident” to Koder/Local, open koder, then navigate to and open “index.html”. I think this process should work for most html games)

I tried to download a game in the itch app, and it said "this title is hosted on an incompatible third party website," so I downloaded it through a web browser instead. I would still like to access it through the itch app though, so I tried moving the game folder to where the app installs games, but the app didn't recognize it (I assume because it doesn't have the receipt folder that's in every other game directory). Is there a built in way to do this, or even just a way to fake the itch download receipt?