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Pirate Games

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Thanks for the hard work :)

Great story, amazing graphics, beautiful music. Awesome demo, can't wait for the full game.

Great game, I really recommend downloading the demo and giving it a go, eagerly awaiting full release!

Smashed it, can't recommend this game enough!

Fun game, looking forward to seeing where it goes. First person is a cool addition!

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Hey guys, I have uploaded current build of my windows game Hoof and was after some feedback if possible, its a challenging hack n slash horde game where you face increasing numbers of enemies until you finally fall. The goal is to beat your previous high score. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Awesome work man, love the sense of humour, look forward to seeing more!

I'm pleased to announce our first title BinaryGrab is now available in Early Access. 40 years after arcade classic Asteroids was unleashed on the world, we'd like to bring you a new twist on the game with BinaryGrab.

Join a faceless data mining corporation for a one week trial, can you survive till the end of the week and gain a full time position? Is there more to the company than first appears?

Find out now!

Good stuff, promising start!

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Come and try out the newest build of this indie text/graphic based Hacking/Puzzle/Adventure. No hand holding, with only your brain, a keyboard and a mouse, can you unlock the secrets buried on this machine?