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rly nice, any plans for making top/down direction?

Very nice, looking forward! And it would be super cool if you add complete spritesheets to the fodlers like the collages just with the alternatives with/without borders and backgrounds :D That would be handy if someone is going to use for example the transparent versions but instead of using single pngs using a spritesheet ;)

Those icons are awesome! Are earth magic icons planned too? 

Very cool, gonna get it than. There was also an update that changed pages of the base, you should take a look at it too. Not sure but maybe the eyes are not fitting anymore currently because of that update

Are you still active and will you update the asset for sword combat?

Very nice, thank you!

What directions are included?

Nice Pack! Especially the boss theme kicks ass! :D

Great music, both TB and WT! Hope to see more! Will definetly use some songs for my game :D

I got a question, what is the size of the effects?

Very cool! You created some nice effects and now monsters! I hope you keep it up and also to see some bundles soon :D

This looks great, I think you're getting better every time!

This looks awesome szadi

Super Cool!

I like when the effects are also fitting for toptown games. Two of them would sure do, very nice. Keep it up :)

Hey! Cool effetcs! But the background should be transparant and not colored. Also I think the Layout is weired :O

Hey Caio,

cool Icons! I would have a suggestion about your "recolored versions". I'd like more natural colors. Some of them are very bright and have a high contrast. Like your attributes the most, would like to see more!

Thanks for the fast reply!

Hey Thomas, like your work very much. I'm thinking about getting these UI assets but I'm not sure if it fits a 16x16 grid pixel art style. You added icons of that size but the other elements seem to be made for a higher resolution? Do you have a sample with 16x16 size icons in use with the other asset elements? 

I think there is an error. A weird blue line on the "fire-bow" and axe icon on both the sheet and the single icons. Pretty much at the bottom of the sheet.

Thank you and a merry Christmas!

Really nice. Would like to see some of your work in 16x16 too 😉

Really impressive!

Haven't seen any characters and monsters that fit the 32x32 style. Are you creating some in the future? Or maybe someone can recommend?

Hey @srekel,

Would love to see how you deal with the asset in tiled. I found a way but wasn't really satisfied because i needed to leave so many parts unused. Not sure how to poke or contact someone on itch lol 😅

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I think there is a mistake? Top rightcorner of Main_Lev_build. The transition from light grass to water got the wrong grass color. It should be light grass to water and not dark grass to water?

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Hey, the pack looks very interesting. Though I would love to have a casting animation. Do you have any plans to add some? 

Did someone find a way or software to handle such a complex tileset with an autotiling feature? Help is very appreciated!

wondering how i can work with them in the software "tiled"

Me 2!

Love when I get the message "Szadi art. releasd a new asset pack".

Gonna buy as soon as I got money xD 

I really want to thank you, with your work I'm able to create a game i'm  dreaming of, even though it's gonna take some time to get finished  :D

Nice work Szadi. Actually working on a platformer with your art and once it's finished i can't wait to create an RPG!

Awesome, can't wait! :)

Would totaly buy if there were 4-direction combat animations. Are you going to add some in the future?

Keep on dude, love your stuff!

I want to create my own games, but it's kinda hard to find assets that fit together. Your art is impressive and I hope to see more from RPG-Worlds. Just downloaded everything you created and I'm gonna buy everything you add. Thanks dude! :)