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thanks for playing!

i have many ideas for powerups and improved runs planned for after the jam and extra HP drops during the run will be a part of that for sure

oh thats a good idea. sorry for making that awkward for laptop players

I managed to complete the game, the powerups were a good incentive to keep playing. good job!

thanks im glad you had a good time!

This is not my genre of game at all but I actually had a good time! The graphics were nice and the two factions helped it be engaging for me. Good job for sure

Thanks very much for the feedback! Under the jam rules I was allowed to make an update to fix the slow movespeed issue on slower comps (some ppl were moving slower than bullets making the game unplayable) and maybe thats what happened here. Assuming you ran into a similar issue it should play much better now!

do you mean lvl 16? Im glad you made it to the bosss if you did! and yea i tried to make it so you have a "run" but without powerups/improvement with each failure i can see it became tedious. thanks for your review!

It was very nice, though the controls were a bit slippery and I found myself spending most of the time hooking stuff trying to keep from falling off. If there was a way to ensure you stuck to the platform you were on until youre ready to jump off that would be pretty nice. The graphics are an obvious standout among all the entries

Omg what a great game lol. It was fun and engaging and I felt compelled to complete it. Plus it had a cat

It has a very well-thought out visual style and the theme is fun. Just turning up the walk speed would solve basically the only issue! If you had a powerup such as a super jetpack on the way back in order to speed up and vary the journey back it would be another way to spice it up a bit. Good job overall

While I really dont want to simulate being Boris Johnson it was a funny platformer. I didnt know he can jump so high!

Very nice, I enjoyed the atmosphere and the worldbuilding

visually stands out from other entries good job :)

Short and fun. Good job :)

visually great but its a bit strange to not be able to control steering

i wasnt really sure how to handle the enemies that flew to the ship and exploded, but the game is really great overall. the little world you built is wonderful :)

Thanks for the review! And its just me working alone with some sourced sounds haha. I will check out yours now

Thanks for review! Yeah I can work on this post jam to make it a bit more spicy early on

True I wish I had given more hp now haha. I dont know why I thought to put it on hardcore mode lol

Glad you enjoyed it! And yes Hades was a small inspiration :)

Thank you! I will try and implement that

Thanks! LIke I said on discord I will try and see if I can edit this for slower runtimes.

Thanks a lot!


Thanks! Yea thats fair enough I definitely want to spice it up with more enemy behaviours and variants now that the jam is over- I did have plans that all the bullet colors would do different things but sadly time restraints

Thanks for review!

Thanks so much for making a video on it. Its great to see that you were able to pick it up fairly easy, I just wish I made the boss a lower lvl so more people will see it haha :P

It was a pretty good game with retro feel. I kept scrolling down when I press space though. I think you could edit that under the rules of the gamejam cus it makes it much harder to play

(1 edit)

Title made me laugh when I read it lol. It was nicely made all around (best part is the graphics which are very nice), though I played in browser and it was a bit laggy as expected. I crashed the ship so many times :D

If you can beat 20 then you beat my score. If you can beat the boss at lvl16 then you "beat" the game as far as im concerned hehe. Thanks for playing!

Its a nice game. I did have a problem where if I died and the grappling hook was mid-shot, the game froze

For first time using a game engine I think you nailed it, the controls etc all work smoothly and the asteroids add a different element. Next time I think u can make a more complex concept for the mechanics/goal. Overall, good job :)

I did have some issues with the screen size in the browser version but I got the gist I think haha

It was a bit hard to work out how to do everything at first (as others said before) but the overall gameplay experience and the parts I did play were a lot of fun! If you had slowly eased into learning all the controls and what to do it probably would have taken 3x as much of content though so I understand why it drops you in a bit suddenly. Overall great and the graphics/audio is a major standout!

Thanks for the honest feedback. I have added something in the description to try and explain the grazing mechanic a little better :)

Thanks so much!

thanks! and yea, maybe i should make that clearer. thanks for sticking with it :D

I actually really enjoyed it, Everything was meshing well together and the story was pulling me through. But I got a bug when running from the horde where the girl following me would glitch out and lag behind causing both to die every single time haha. But up to that point it was fun

Now thats a good theme for getting clicks :P I think the graphics were great, good job in making everything work in 3d in a short time. The gameplay itself was quite one-dimensional and I could just run around and complete all the tasks without interacting with any of the enemies apart from one of the black ones. Maybe there can be more of benefit to shooting things for instance if they multiply if left alive too long?