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profit $-5920, so relatable. good game :)

I just want to say I have a new game out! Totally different, but from the same mind haha please check it out if you liked this!

it could happen somewhere down the line. thanks a lot!

that was the craziest solution to the end puzzle i saw with the floor and ceiling spikes omg haha. and yea valid points on the  readability of things. check out some of the other vids below for how they did the last one :P thanks for making a recording!

thank you for making a vid! you cleared it pretty quick in the end

good job, thanks for playing!

thanks for the feedback, ill definitely think about those things. by the way, mind telling me where you found this? got a slight spike in views recently and wondering why

Glad you remember! Thanks a lot :)

Hi Igor! Thanks for reviewing and sharing the game again :) Im actually busy working on an elevated version of the game and this inspired me to keep working, so thanks a lot

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Hey there- Ill try and be around to watch, but Im gunna warn you I dont think this game is the best for streaming, it takes a pretty long time to complete (most ppl have taken about an hour+) and requires some learning by failure/death to beat all 10 of the wizards. Id prefer if you decide first whether you have patience/timeslot for slower strategy/turn based games also :) if so then Id love to see it

Thanks for the review, I got a chance to watch your vod a bit later and it was fun to watch someone complete it! I agree with most of your feedback, stuff like teleporting and spells to make life easier for you was stuff that just couldnt fit into the week jam but its one of the first things I want to add moving on. For order of execution, it does mention that spells with "slow" written on them happen after movement (and im yet to add "fast" spells) but I can try and expand on the tutorial into multiple stages later on. Lots to add later on- and the idea of perhaps an easy mode which shows enemy intention would be a good idea also. Thanks again for streaming it and writing a detailed review!

Thanks for the review, Im trying to understand what you mean by buggy arrows. Were you perhaps trying to move the characters before the turn had ended (during the play stage)? I havent heard anything similar yet.

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Its pretty good and I enjoy runners, but I had similar issues to others though with the keys being kinda arbitrary to the action making it harder to remember, and also it would be useful to store a slide/jump in the air for a split second so if you press a button a split second before landing it doesnt just not do anything. Im sure its intentionally hard but if you wanted to make it a bit easier you could choose different actions (like the slide) rather than 3 jumps that require a lot more thought to select between. The music was good, I liked the character and animations. Sorry if this feedback sounds like an attempt to dumb it down.

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Nice game, it deserves more ratings. It was simple gameplay loop but I think done pretty well, though sometimes the enemy would appear right next to me out of nowhere and instantly oneshot me. i dont know if there was supposed to be a telegraphed thing happening but it didnt have the drilling sound or anthing before doing so. 

the deeper and deeper artwork is actually not mine, theyre made by :) but thanks i appreciate it, ill check yours out later

wow, thanks for spending so much time on it, that means a lot

thanks, youre probably right that i could have made a shorter experience for a gamejam so people would get to finish the whole thing, but i aimed this time to make as much content as i could. but i understand this is probably exhausting for someone trying to review a bunch of games!

Ill definitely try and make cooler units when i continue! im glad that you got the payoff for summoning a ton of units and then having to deal with it when it comes to leaving the level- and i tried making the door spawn as far away as possible before but it felt too sadistic, so i ended up moving it a set distance away instead haha. thanks again for taking the time for the detailed review and play

This game is right up my alley, I think you did a good job with the different spread of bullets and there werent any "walls" that i could see (undodgeable bullet cluster). i might try again later to beat it :) maybe you could spend some more time on the visual to make the bullets have a little glow as well as make the hitbox a little more contrasting.

I never thought I could win but I somehow managed it! It was a nice little game. I think that the enemies could blink a different color when theyre ready to explode, just because they blink white like theyre getting hit so if youre spamming on the enemy you cant tell whether its getting hit repeatedly or blinking to explode. thats my only nitpick really!

The game is simple but very pretty, Im pretty bad at this style of game but I think it would help if the enemies telegraph where they will spawn for a split second before spawning so you dont just run into them out of nowhere as well as when the game starts maybe give the player a second to calibrate whats happening before they get shot haha. good job overall

I just couldnt find the last enemy on the first wave. Im not sure if it was a bug or just because the map was so huge. I think it would be helpful to have some landmarks or noticable spots on the map so you know if you have checked it, because it made it hard to remember if I had been somewhere before. I think the graphics and the post processing was nice though, just wish I can go further haha

Wow, thanks a lot. I would love to continue it a bit further now that the jam is over :)

Thank you, I wish I had time to add some sound effects but it was that or check bugs in the last day! WIll definitely add in the future

Thanks, part of the whole premise is that you need to deal with the repercussions of the enemies you spawned hence why you have to get to the exit past your swarm once you defeated the opponent. I will check it when I can!