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They look very nice! I like how much they can be customized. They should work very well in a scifi game. Is there a license? I don't know if materials need one.

That's cool!

Cool idea for a game! Nice art style too. I only didn't like the keyboard controls and the part with typing letters was a little weird to me.

I enjoyed playing this! I couldn't beat it though. Maybe the items were a little too rare. The music and art are very nice.

What a great tool! For a long time I've been searching for an alternative to proprietary programs like Substance Designer. This is exactly what I needed! There are some small issues and probably some features are missing, but it's being actively developed. I hope the author continues improving this awesome app.

Thanks! I'm glad to hear you had fun with it :) version has that too :)

Quite fun!

Simple, but challenging gameplay!

Very funny! Truly a masterpiece. Please make more.

Interesting game! A bit hard to understand at first though.

Wow, the game creates such a great mood! Nice graphics too.

Very relaxing! Nice graphics and music.

I had a lot of fun playing this!


I just played your game and I really enjoyed it. Could you post a link to your game on There is no search feature there so I can't find it to vote.

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Nice graphics and the physics works great!

An interesting combination!

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Nice game!