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Sick! Gonna go for another run then 

Found a bug in this room in which the doors don't unlock after beating all the enemies.

Of course! Just started playing Endhall again, and wanted to give this a shot too.
On the Golden Heart thing, I read some of the feedback before getting further into the game, 
so in my mind I was already looking for this "bug" that wasn't there, so probably just user error lol

Love the art style, the simplicity, and the juice! This is a game that's easy to pickup and get right into. Most importantly it brought a smile to my cold dead face 😊


- Pause button would be nice (playing at work lol)

- Dash/Roll/Shield mechanic would help when you get cornered

- I also experienced the golden heart bug (would give me 0 health)

Awesome game! Made it to level 16 :)

Such a cool game! Really clever implementation of the theme, and made with Godot <3

Awesome! Thank you for including my game!

There were definitely plans for a teleporting mechanic, just ran short on time  :|
Thank you for playing though! 

Thank you! Had I more time to test the game I probably would have given the player at least 3 chances per play.
I appreciate you taking the time to play my game though! 

I think this game nailed the theme; I really like the whole concept behind it! However, because of the potato computer that I played it on, I wasn't able to see the whole screen, which would have been fine if both characters had a camera assigned to them, but perhaps a smaller resolution would have been more fitting for a simple game with pixel art.
I enjoyed the art, the option for difficulty, the tutorial, options for audio, and the puzzles were nice and engaging but not too difficult. 
Great work!  

This was fun! I definitely got into it for a bit. I really like the background and the bright colors you used, and the music fit the game well. What would have also been pretty cool given the main mechanic of your game, would be to have the Unicorn as two people dressed as a Unicorn (so there would be a person in the back and front) so that they would literally be connected, but it worked just fine the way you made it. Could definitely see a more polished version of this being a mobile game!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the game :) Making the color palette is always one of my favorite parts of designing a game so, I'm happy that it was noticed.

I like the feel of this game, very bright! Good music, good art, and cool concept. 

Had some difficulty getting the hang of it at first but once I got going it was pretty fun, and funny!

There were some bugs with the lawnmower (getting stuck in the house) and the controller (I was able to create multiple instances of it), but all in all it put a smile on face on a drab day!

Great work!

I had planned on making it easier to traverse the maze (with a teleporting mechanic), but wasn't able to finish that feature due to the time constraints. I agree that it does feel a bit cumbersome to have to travel across any area that has already been covered, but considering this was my first jam I'm just happy that I finished!

Thank you for playing my game, and for the feedback! 

Thank you! Believe it or not, I had planned on making a teleporting mechanic that takes you back to the previous MegaServer (which would put the player close by the next area), but it was such a busy week, and I ran out of time so instead I cut 2 areas out of the game and made buffs that increase walking speed and zoom the camera out.  

Once the judging is over, I definitely plan on fixing it up a bit, since it's the first game I've uploaded to itch.

Anyways, thanks again for playing and for the feedback, I will rate your submission once I finish my HW for the day!

Definitely what I was going for! Thank you for playing!

Ya it's pretty rough, I definitely ran out of time. 
Thanks for playing though! I appreciate the feedback

Right! That actually makes a lot of sense now. Thanks for filling me in!

A thousand pardons, but how does one actually play this game?

That was crazy! Haven't been creeped out like that in awhile. Great job!

Very Cool!

Pretty cool concept! However the game did crash after the 5th level.

Pretty cool game! Love the gun selection, but a jump or roll mechanic would be nice. Keep it up!