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I really liked this game but can't seem to figure out how to get the super bad endings. 

Wow, for some reason I never did that. I might've clicked on it with the tweezers or a pin or something. Thanks!

Can't seem to get past the butterflies, there are 9 slots but 8 butterflies and no way to exit the desk. 

I really liked this game. My Chinese is marginally better than Sona's so it was really fun to try and pick out what Hao was saying (I mostly failed). I did notice that the background image when Hao is leaving was a Chinese airport that I think I've been to before (I forgot which one though?). Which doesn't actually make sense since he's leaving for China! But I thought it was funny. 

Fun game! I really liked it! However, in Open Mode I started out dating Dallas, broke up with him for the German guy (whose name I kinda forgot...whoops), and then started dating Wizz with no comment from Mr. German. Also when I started dating Wizz, narration or Sebastian (or both) mentioned that I had to tell Dallas about it, even though I'd already broken up with him. 

this game rocks. I love everything about it. Unfortunately I didn't realize it was unfinished. Now I'm emotionally invested in the story and eagerly awaiting part 2 ;~;